The coastal road of la Manche

311 km from Mont Saint-Michel to the bay of Les Veys
Photo, © Captain Yvon

The coastal road of La Manche is a scenic route that links Mont Saint-Michel to the Bay of Les Veys (Carentan). Covering 311 km, it follows the coastline of the department from east to west, via the north coast. It is divided into five thematic routes, and is a great way to see all the variety of the coasts of La Manche. So follow us as we take you on a road trip along the scenic routes of the Norman peninsula.

From Mont Saint-Michel to Carentan and vice versa, La Manche boasts a scenic coastal road that provides the ideal way to travel the department in search of the best sea views.The coast of La Manche alternates between rocky headlands, sweeping beaches, rugged cliffs and unique tidal inlets. Follow this route from start to finish to see all the maritime treasures the department has to offer.

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The bay route

from Pontorson to Granville

The Bay route in La Manche has some spectacular views of Mont Saint-Michel. From Pontorson to Granville, via Genêts, Carolles or Avranches, take in the stunning sight of the mount and discover a new aspect of the bay with every twist and turn. The changing landscape is washed by the largest tidal range in Europe, providing an unforgettable drive. From the foot of the mount, looking across the salt meadows, on the most beautiful kilometre in France, or surrounded by water: get ready to be captivated!

Photo, © David Daguier - CD50

The tidal inlet route

from Granville to Barneville-Carteret

Along the coast of La Manche you'll find a succession of eight tidal inlets. These estuaries, where saltwater meets freshwater, are wild and protected spaces that change with the tides. The Côte des Havres is a natural playground with a great deal to offer, including fishing, oyster farms, watersports, the GR®223 hiking trail, and relaxed coastal living.

The route takes you through the inlets of La Vanlée, Regnéville-sur-Mer, Blainville-sur-Mer, Geffosses, Saint-Germain-sur-Ay, Surville, Port-Bail and Carteret, providing the ideal way to explore these exceptional sites and their unique features.

Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

The headland route

from Barneville-Carteret to Cherbourg

This stretch of the coastal road takes you past several headlands, with a succession of breathtaking landscapes. Take in Carteret headland, with its beach sweeping all the way to Le Rozel headland. Take a short stop in Port Diélette, a pretty little coastal village, then carry on past Flamanville headland towards Siouville, a top spot for watersports enthusiasts and a great place to watch the surfers in action. Next, carry on to Vauville Bay with its remarkable garden and freshwater wetland reserve. From there, you can also admire the spectacular dune landscapes.

Photo, © Best Jobers

After Vauville, head to the Nez de Jobourg to explore this emblematic natural site and climb to the top of its cliffs for a breathtaking view. Take your time visiting all the picturesque sites at La Hague headland, including Goury lighthouse, Port-Racine with the smallest harbour in France, Omonville-la-Rogue, the cliffs at Gréville, Jardeheu point and Landemer. Take your pick from the spectacular viewpoints along this wild stretch of coast shaped by the wind and the tides.


The Val-de-Saire route

from Cherbourg to Quettehou

The Val-de-Saire route takes you to discover the gems of the east coast of the department. Starting in Cherbourg, travel along the coast to Barfleur. On the way, stop off at Le Brick bay and at Cap Lévi with its Napoleonic fort. Gatteville lighthouse and its panoramic view awaits you before you get to the prettiest village in France. Climb the 365 steps of the lighthouse to admire the view. Next, head to Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, with its fishing harbour, oyster beds, and Vauban tower. While you’re in this picturesque seaside resort, be sure to visit Tatihou island. This little natural paradise has a bird reserve, a museum and another Vauban tower, a UNESCO world heritage site.

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The D-day 1944 route

from Quettehou to Utah Beach

La Manche is a department steeped in history and a place of remembrance. The 1944 route follows in the footsteps of the soldiers who landed by sea and air during Operation Overlord. From Quettehou to Cherbourg, the roads to freedom are dotted with sites and museums: war cemeteries, batteries, fascinating museums about D-day: everything you need to understand the history of the Normandy battles, a real turning point of the Second World War.

Photo, © Captain Yvon

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