The Nez de Jobourg
one of the gems of the Cotentin Peninsula

The Bay of Ecalgrain, Goury, Port-Racine, and much more: discover the other treasures of the Pointe de La Hague
Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

The Nez de Jobourg is one of the must-see places in La Manche. With steep cliffs and waves crashing on their rocks, the wild landscapes of La Manche are shown to perfection in this part of the Cotentin Peninsula. The Pointe de la Hague is also full of magical spots: the Bay of Ecalgrain, Sciotot, Goury Lighthouse, the Bay of Vauville, and much more. These places all guarantee exhilarating experiences and an unparalleled sense of freedom. Grab your walking shoes and follow the guide as we take you to discover this land at the edge of the world!

The Nez de Jobourg: exhilarating discoveries guaranteed!

An exceptional heritage site in the Cap de la Hague, the Nez de Jobourg has some of the highest cliffs in Europe, with their summit standing at 128 metres. This is an unmissable spot in the Cotentin Peninsula, with breathtaking views. You’ll be amazed by the many treasures of this special place at “the edge of the world”, as it’s known by the locals: 360° views, pretty inlets with turquoise waters, unique vistas of the Channel Islands, unspoilt landscapes and the infinite horizon of the sea.

The Nez de Jobourg is one of the stops on the GR®223 hiking trail. It’s also undoubtedly one of the most difficult parts of the coastal trail, and the starting point for lots of walks with the sea as a backdrop. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of this idyllic place.

Photo, © Captain Yvon

An 11 km hiking trail

to explore the Nez de Jobourg

If you want to spend a day walking, this circular trail to explore the Nez de Jobourg is made for you. Certain parts of the path you’ll follow join the GR®223 hiking trail, before turning off to head back to the starting point. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the same stunning scenery: unspoilt inlets, crashing waves, breathtaking views, shades of blue, sea spray and salty air!

Photo, © Hello la Roux

During the walk, you might come across some Jobourg goats, known as “fossées”. This wild species is typical of La Hague and lives on the cliffs.You’ll find picnic tables near the car park in the Nez de Jobourg. Take a break for lunch with a stunning view and enjoy the charm of the Manche!

Sporty adventures in the Jobourg caves

If you want to see the Nez de Jobourg up close, head off to explore the hidden caves at the foot of the cliffs. The association “A la découverte de la Hague”, a group of volunteers who are passionate about the treasures of La Hague, will accompany you on this unforgettable experience.

Prepare for a five-hour adventure, climbing, abseiling and scrambling between rocks and steep paths. Once you get to the bottom, you can explore the four caves and their unique flora. On the way, the team will tell you the story of the smugglers and their hideouts. You’ll also hear all about the legends surrounding La Hague. Let yourself be transported, and perhaps you’ll see the dragon’s head on your way back up!

Elisa and Max, the “Best Jobers”, tested this adventure and told us what they thought:

With waves crashing and some tricky sections, it really gets the adrenaline pumping!

Practical information: the caves are only accessible at low tide, from mid-July to mid-October, to protect birds during the nesting period.
Price: 7.5 €/adult and 3 € euros/child.

Photo, © Best Jobers

A gourmet break during a family walk

L'auberge des Grottes

En route to the Nez de Jobourg, you’ll find the Auberge des Grottes, a restaurant, bar and tearoom, where you can enjoy a well-earned break! Try the delicious dishes prepared by the chef using mainly local products, including seafood, lobster, oysters from Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue and home-made crêpes. The restaurant is open all year round and has a terrace with a sea view, from which you can admire the stunning vista of the Cap de la Hague and the Channel Islands. Living for the moment, enjoying the simple pleasures and focusing on what matters: that’s life in la Manche!


Tip: avoid the crowds and visit the Nez de Jobourg in the low season, to make the most of this place known as the “edge of the world”. The Nez de Jobourg is in fact the second most visited site in the Manche after Mont Saint-Michel.

In spring: when nature wakes up, the landscapes are awash with colour.

In summer: you can avoid the busiest times and come at the end of the day to enjoy an unbeatable sunset.

In autumn: the fabulous seasonal light gives the place a magical feeling.

In winter: enjoy a special moment alone with the elements.

Photo, © Captain Yvon

What to see in the Cap de la Hague

Admire the breathtaking landscapes!

While the Nez de Jobourg is a must-see on any trip to the Pointe de la Hague, there are plenty of other distinctive places to visit in the Cotentin Peninsula. Below is our selection of remarkable sites:


Port Racine

the smallest harbour in France
La Hague

Time stands still here, with little boats bobbing in one of the most picturesque spots on the Cotentin Peninsula. Port Racine, the smallest harbour in France, is a magical place with brightly coloured boats in a picture-perfect setting. Enjoy the view!

Photo, © Jimmy Perrotte

Goury Lighthouse

the emblem of the Pointe de la Hague
La Hague

Not far from the Nez de Jobourg stands Goury Lighthouse. It was built to guard the Alderney Race, one of the strongest currents in Europe. Since its construction, Goury has weathered countless storms and gales, but still stands firm. Although it can’t be visited, the lighthouse is emblematic of the Cap de la Hague, where it reigns supreme!

Tip: come in autumn or winter to admire the fabulous sight of the waves crashing on the lighthouse.



Photo, © Captain Yvon

The Bay of Ecalgrain

and its wild and windswept landscapes
La Hague

A combination of moors, small fields and heaths with hues ranging from russet to green, it’s said that the Bay of Ecalgrain looks rather like Ireland, to which the landscapes of the Cotentin Peninsula are often compared. The bay has a pebble and sandy beach, where children love to explore the rock pools at low tide. A walk in this bay is the perfect oppor tunity to get away from it all and reconnect with the elements.

Tip: visit in autumn, when you can admire the beautiful seasonal colours and amazing sunsets!

Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

The Bay of Vauville

white sand as far as the eye can see
La Hague

The Bay of Vauville is a real haven of peace that stretches along more than 29 kilometres, between Jobourg and Flamanville. With fine sandy beaches, dune landscapes and perfect conditions for watersports, there’s something for everyone. If you’re lucky, you might see dolphins, porpoises and seals swimming in the bay.
Nearby, the Jardin de Vauville provides an oasis of greenery. A real jewel of nature, this garden will take you on a spectacular sensory journey. The 4.5 hectares of gardens are home to more than 1 000 exotic species. The southern plants here are bathed in the Gulf Stream and flourish in the microclimate produced. This is what the Cap de la Hague is all about: finding hidden gems that exist nowhere else! Further down the hill, don’t miss the Mare de Vauville, a vast stretch of freshwater separated from the sea by a dune. The flora and fauna in this nature reserve are protected and belong to the French coastal protection agency.

Photo, © Best Jobers

The golden dunes in Biville

La Hague

The landscapes here are completely different, with surprising but stunning views. Nestling between the Nez de Jobourg and the Cap de Flamanville, these impressive dunes cover more than 700 hectares and stretch over 8 kilometres. The dunes are unique in Europe, with their crest culminating at 112 metres. At the bottom, enjoy a magical moment as you admire the magnificent sunsets from the beach, with the dunes bathed in golden light.

Tip: in spring, the dunes are covered in flowers, a great time to visit!

Photo, © Hello la Roux


a paradise for surfers

This is the spot for surfing and watersports enthusiasts in the Manche. Siouville has been awarded the “Ville de surf” label (surfing town). Here you can jump straight in, challenge the waves and brave the elements. The conditions are often perfect for board sports, including surfing, kitesurfing and wingfoiling. Even in winter, surfers paddle out and hit the waves despite the tougher conditions. Not far from Siouville, the Bay of Sciotot and Le Rozel are also top spots for fans of this emblematic sport in la Manche.

La Manche, a playground for surfers

Photo, © Mathilde Lebarbenchon

The cap de Flamanville

Between cliffs and woods

Between woods and clifftops, enjoy a walk in the Cap de Flamanville, where you’ll find more landscapes that look rather like Ireland. The cape is dominated by cliffs standing 89 metres high. At the top, there’s a former semaphore that has been turned into a restaurant, from which you can enjoy breathtaking views!

Photo, © Estelle Hertault

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