The natural sites of La Manche

Wild and unspoilt natural heritage
Photo, © Léa Guillotte

La Manche has 674 km of coastline, offering a wide variety of landscapes, between dunes, beaches, tidal inlets and cliffs. A dense freshwater network, including streams and coastal rivers, crisscrosses the bocage countryside, marshlands and hills of this Norman peninsula. Inlets, heaths, cliffs, bays, waterfalls and marshes: even away from the coast, water is omnipresent here.

Watch out for rare species such as the Eurasian woodcock or the crested tit that populate the nature reserves. Admire the harbour seals resting in the bay of Les Veys and the white storks watching over the Château de la Rivière.

Hiking in nature

When walking or hiking, don’t miss the breathtaking landscapes of the Nez de Jobourg and the viewpoint from the Roches de Ham, or take a relaxing stroll at the waterfalls in Mortain or in the Jardin de Vauville.

Photo, © Hello La Roux
Photo, © Aymeric Picot

The waterfalls in Mortain

In the heart of the bocage countryside of La Manche, you’ll find the biggest waterfall in western France. Hiking, cycling and climbing: there are lots of different activities on offer in this magical setting.

The Mortain waterfalls
Photo, © Franck Boucourt - Jardin de Vauville

Jardin de Vauville

Nestled in the heart of the Cotentin Peninsula, this haven of greenery is the perfect place to unwind. Bathed by the Gulf Stream, plant species from all over the world flourish here by the sea.

The Botanical garden of Vauville
Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

Roches de Ham in the Vire Valley

Kayaking, hiking, mountain biking: there are plenty of activities you can try in this lovely countryside setting.

The Roches de Ham
Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

Nez de Jobourg and La Hague headland

Between cliffs carved by the winds, steep hiking paths, lighthouses, watersports spots, wild heathlands and wide-open spaces, the unspoilt nature of La Manche is at its best here, at the “edge of the world”.

The Nez de Jobourg

Adventure in La Manche

Lots of different activities are available in the Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin Regional Nature Park and in the tidal inlets, including hiking on the GR223, cycling on the greenways, kayaking and sand yachting. Or why not enjoy a picnic while you watch the show during the spring tides? Prepare for an adventure!

Photo, © Emmanuel Berthier pour l'EV4
Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

The Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin Regional Nature Park

In this unique park, different outings are organised to enable you to discover its flora and fauna. It’s the perfect spot for nature lovers.

The Marais du Bessin et du Cotentin Regional Nature Park
Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

Côte des Havres

The west coast of La Manche has eight tidal inlets with unique landscapes that change with the tides. Take your pick from the many outdoor activities on offer in these protected ecosystems.

The côte des havres