GR®223 - Phare de Gatteville - Cap Lévi

Walking GR®223
GR 223 Coastline of Normandy
  • 19.2 Km
  • 201 m
GR®223 - Phare de Gatteville - Cap Lévi

Starting at Gatteville lighthouse, this 19 km stage takes you to Cap Lévi Fort. In Gatteville, climb the 365 steps of this stone giant before heading off on your hike. From the top, the sea in all its shades of blue is breathtaking. These amazing views will quickly help you to recover from the climb!
From the lighthouse, walk in the sand past pretty Roubary inlet, with its little boats at anchor, before carrying on to Gattemare bay. From here, the sea and the marshes alternate on each side of the path: a blend of fascinating landscapes that are a haven for birds. If you’re lucky, you might see some harbour seals enjoying the water! Further on, you’ll come to another unspoilt setting, the wetlands in Vrasville. This natural site is part of the Natura 2000 network, which works to protect the environment.
Next, you’ll reach the Pointe de la Loge in Cosqueville and the pretty beach of La Saline. From here, looking out to sea, you get a feeling of complete freedom! Enjoy the small unspoilt coves that dot the coastline all the way to your destination. La Mondrée bay and its lovely beach are worth a stop: you might even see some swans there. After the sand and pebble beaches, head through the dunes for a few kilometres, where you’ll see horses grazing and marram grasses blowing in the wind.
Carry on to Cap Lévi and its Napoleonic fort, a former military compound that’s been turned into a gîte. You’ve arrived at your destination! Now sit back and enjoy the gorgeous views of the rugged coastline and the crystal-clear waters that will tempt you in for a swim.
This stage has no particular difficulties, except that you’ll walk in the sand for a few kilometres. This stage can be done in the other direction.

Practical information

Type of trail GR
Markup Red and white
Starting point GATTEVILLE-LE-PHARE Phare de Gatteville
Ending point FERMANVILLE Fort du Cap Lévi
Distance 19.2 Km
Elevation 201 m
Duration 04h15
Difficulty Medium
Elevation profile
Elevation (m) 4 4 4 4 4 6 8 3 3 4 6 5 5 3 3 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 3 5 4 4 4 4 5 7 7 11 4 11 5 18 6 5 5 7 7
Distance 0 km 0.4 km 0.8 km 1.2 km 1.6 km 2 km 2.4 km 2.9 km 3.3 km 3.7 km 4.1 km 4.7 km 5.2 km 5.6 km 5.9 km 6.2 km 6.6 km 7 km 7.8 km 9.1 km 9.8 km 10.4 km 10.8 km 11.3 km 12.1 km 12.5 km 13.1 km 13.7 km 14.2 km 14.7 km 15 km 15.2 km 15.8 km 16.4 km 16.7 km 17 km 17.3 km 17.6 km 18 km 18.4 km 18.8 km

Points of interest

  • Fort du Cap Lévi

    Fort napoléonien du début du XIXème siècle, dont la cour intérieure est en accès libre.

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    Photo, © M. MOCHON
  • Phare de Gatteville

    Le phare de Gatteville est le deuxième plus grand phare de France. Après avoir gravi les 365 marches, vous aurez une vue imprenable sur le val de Saire. Expérience vivifiante garantie !

    Photo, © L.Lalouelle-CDT50
  • Camping La Blanche Nef

    La Blanche Nef est un petit camping familial de bord de mer situé à 500 m du bourg de Barfleur, l'un des plus beaux villages de France. Coup de coeur pour la vue imprenable sur la mer mais aussi sur Barfleur et le Phare de Gatteville

  • Camping La Ferme du Bord de Mer

    La Ferme du bord de mer est idéalement situé en bordure de mer dans un site naturel préservé. Aménagé dans un ancien corps de ferme, vous y trouverez une ambiance familiale, idéale pour les enfants : aire de jeux, mini ferme et plage en face de l’entrée du camping.

  • Distributeurs produits locaux frais

    Une envie de produits frais et locaux ? Rendez-vous à toute heure au distributeur de produits locaux !

    Photo, © Les Saveurs de Vicq-sur-Mer
  • Restaurant L'Escale

    À Fermanville, le bar/restaurant l'Escale fait crêperie et brasserie. Il se situe à quelques kilomètres du cap Lévi où des paysages sauvages vous attendent.

    Photo, © Valérie LEFEBVRE
  • Chapelle Notre Dame de Bonsecours (500m du GR

    Inscrite aux monuments historiques, la chapelle Notre-Dame de Bonsecours de Gatteville rend hommage aux marins.

    Photo, © Yolaine Thomain

Hiker's tips

  • Wear appropriate clothing for the route and the weather
  • Make sure you take enough water
  • Tell family or friends where you’re planning to go and make sure you take a fully charged mobile
  • Protect nature: take your rubbish home with you, keep your dog on a lead and stay on the marked paths.

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GR®223 - Phare de Gatteville - Cap Lévi