Spring Tides : an exceptional maritime phenomenon

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2019 : Spring tides dates in la Manche


Come to Normandy during a period of full moon and observe the Spring tides, a phenomenon unique in Europe.

These are visible when the tidal range is above 90; it will be the case for a few days each month between February and December.


Come and enjoy the magic of the spring tides
and (re)discover Mont Saint-Michel surrounded by water,
go fishing or admire the tidal bore.


There’s so much to do and the show is spectacular. You might even get the chance to see the access road to Mont Saint-Michel underwater!



Below is the calendar of the next Spring Tides in la Manche.


Month Dates Tidal range
January 21st January
22nd January
23rd January
24th January
25th January
97 / 102
105 / 107
106 / 102
February 19th February
20th February
21st February
22nd February
23rd February
99 / 105
110 / 113
113 / 110
104 / 98

20th March
21st March
22nd March
23rd March
24th March

100 / 107
111 / 114
113 / 109
104 / 97

April 18th April
19th April
20th April
21st April
22nd April
97 / 102
105 / 107
108 / 107
105 / 101
May 18th May
19th May
Month Dates Tidal range

1st August
2nd August
3rd August
5th August
30th August
31th August

100 / 103
103 / 100
98 / 104
108 / 112

September 1st September
2nd September
3rd September
28th September
29th September
30th September
111 / 107
103 / 108
113 / 115
116 / 115
October 1st October
2nd October
26th October
27th October
28th October
28th October
29th October
30th October
31st October
112 / 107
101 / 106
109 / 111
111 / 109
106 / 102




Data extracted from maree.info




Must do and see during Spring Tides :


> Surf the tidal bore in a canoe. Less experienced visitors may prefer to watch it from the mainland!

> For a few hours or a whole night, let yourself be trapped in the village of Mont Saint-Michel.

> Put your wellies on and go out with a rake to collect dog cockles, razor-shells and clams. Please be reminded that rockpooling is regulated in our order to preserve natural resources.

> Enjoy long walks on the foreshore, a portion of sand which is revealed only during Spring Tides.


Your stay during spring tides


>> Book an holiday rental in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel

>> Book an hotel in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel




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The tidal phenomenon

Each day, the sea level varies with the phenomenon of tidal force.
But depending on the position of the sun and the moon in relation to the Earth, the tidal range can be more or less extreme. When a full moon lines up with the sun and the Earth, the attraction is so strong that it results in the spring tide, when the tide’s range is at its maximum.

Combined with its favourable geographical location, the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel is the perfect place to discover the spring tides!




week-end normandieThe tidal bore

Spring Tides are also the occasion to observe a spectacular natural phenomenon: the Tidal Bore. This wave of about 50 cm high rushes into the Bay of Mont Saint Michel offering spectators and kayakers a unique moment.
Best spots to observe the bore :
> La pointe du Grouin du Sud (near Vains),
> Pontaubault,
> Mont Saint-Michel.