Which museums to visit in La Manche ?

Our top spots for cultural visits
photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

In Granville stands the “Villa Les Rhumbs”, better known as the Musée Christian Dior. Delve into the world of the famous fashion designer through his work and his family history. Several exhibitions and thematic workshops tell the story of the museum. Outside, the garden with its amazing view of the sea and the Chausey islands will undoubtedly inspire you as much as it did Christian Dior.

Lots of artists have been inspired by La Manche and its landscapes. Enjoy a visit to explore their houses, which have been turned into museums, or get a dose of culture in the other sites in La Manche. Art history, modern art, fine art: there’s something for everyone. To pay tribute to the artists that La Manche has inspired, discover our selection of museums and take time out to explore the cultural treasures of the department!

An encounter with Christian Dior

Do you love glitter and sequins? Are you fascinated by the world of fashion and luxury? Then the Musée Christian Dior in Granville is the place for you. Step into the museum and find out about the history and life of the famous fashion designer through his work, which was inspired by the Manche.

Enjoy the exhibitions at the Musée Christian Dior in Granville


Every year, the museum presents a new exhibition, giving visitors insights into the private life of the fashion designer and information on his work, his aspirations and his preferences. Guided tours are also available, when you can find out all the secrets of the exhibition in place. The museum occasionally borrows pieces from elsewhere for certain exhibitions.

Different events are also organised throughout the year. Step into the shoes of a stylist or an apprentice perfumer for a few hours!

Musée Christian Dior

Photo, © Benoit Croisy, coll. ville de Granville

The Musée Christian Dior in Granville: a family home

The “Villa Les Rhumbs” is the childhood home of Christian Dior. This grand house with its pink façade overlooking the town of Granville was an inspiring place for the designer. In his biography, he said : 

I have the fondest, most delightful memories of my childhood home. What can I say? My life and my style owe almost everything to its location and its architecture.

Despite being very attached to this house, the Dior family nevertheless had to sell it in 1932 because of the economic crisis. The town of Granville bought the villa and it became the Musée Christian Dior, one of the only museums in France dedicated to a fashion designer. It has also received the “Maison des Illustres” label, which showcases places whose “vocation is to preserve and pass on the memory of the women and men who distinguished themselves in the political, social and cultural history of France”.

The Dior house and its enchanting garden

Christian Dior’s childhood home is set in a delightful garden, where a number of features designed by the Dior family still exist, such as the pergola and its reflecting pool. In summer, the garden is full of colour and a walk around it provides a real feast for the senses. Enjoy the pretty flower beds and the rose garden, or stop for a treat in the tea room “La Rose du Rocher”. As you stroll around this haven of greenery in the heart of Granville, it’s easy to see why Christian Dior was so fond of the place. The garden has stunning sea views that are as relaxing as they are inspiring.

Practical information: the garden is open all year, free of charge.

The other parks and gardens in La Manche

Photo, © Best Jobers
Photo, © Best Jobers

La Manche has always been a source of inspiration. Thanks to its changing landscapes, its different atmospheres, its colours and its contrasts, the department fosters creativity. The peninsula left a lasting impression on visiting artists, which was then reflected in their paintings, their novels or their fashion collections. Through their work, they portrayed their view of La Manche, a place like nowhere else, that deeply inspired them.

Which other museums to visit in La Manche?
Our selection.


The Maison Jacques Prévert

in Omonville-la-Petite
La Hague

This place, at the Pointe de la Hague, was used as a retreat by the famous poet Jacques Prévert. He was under the charm of this spot at the “edge of the world”, and regularly came to La Hague before finally settling there for the last years of his life. The sea view inspired his poems and collages. Now a museum, the Maison Jacques Prévert is a small house typical of the Cotentin Peninsula that was furnished by his friend Alexandre Trauner, a film set designer.

Photo, © CD50

Belonging to the Manche departmental council, the house is open for visits and is imbued with the presence of the poet. Enter the world of Jacques Prévert, let your imagination run free and picture him sitting there looking for inspiration.

In his workshop, you’ll get a feel for the atmosphere in which he liked to work. Find out about his life through the permanent exhibition with a selection of original works. Every spring, a temporary exhibition is held, giving insights into the poet’s life. Different activities are also organised: collage, writing, drawing and acting workshops, as well as conferences.

Practical information: €5.00 per adult and €2.50 per child. Open for visits in the afternoon.

The Maison Jacques Prévert


The Maison natale Jean-François Millet

in la Hague
La Hague

Jean-François Millet was born in the small hamlet of Gruchy near La Hague in 1814. After a childhood spent in the fields, he trained as a painter in Cherbourg, then in Paris. He came back several times to his birthplace, and his work reflects the fact that La Manche and La Hague were a source of inspiration for him.

The house of the famous painter of the “Angélus” is now a museum. Step into the life of Jean-François Millet and discover his childhood memories, his sketches and other original drawings. The museum regularly hosts travelling exhibitions, and has received the “Maison des Illustres” label. Different events are also organised throughout the year.

Practical information: €4.50 per adult and €2.00 per child. Open for visits in the afternoon.

The Maison natale Jean-François Millet

Photo, © CD50

The musée Quesnel-Morinière

in Coutances

In the centre of Coutances, the Musée Quesnel-Morinière is located in a grand 17th century townhouse. The building was bequeathed by a wealthy citizen, Jean-Jacques Quesnel Morinière, along with its park, which is now the Jardin des Plantes.

Photo, © Coutances Tourisme

The museum has a permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions. Take time to explore the different rooms: fine art, graphic art, folk art, sculpture, Normandy ceramics, and much more. There are also workshops for all ages and conferences throughout the year

Practical information: open every day except Sunday morning and Tuesday

The musée Quesnel-Morinière


The musée Thomas Henry

in cherbourg-en-cotentin

This museum was established on the initiative of Thomas Henry, an art dealer and patron, who bequeathed a large part of his personal collection of works of art to his home town, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin. He requested that the town open a museum to enable the public to enjoy these works. With its rich collection, the Musée Thomas Henry is the third largest art museum in Normandy and is on the “Musée de France” list.

The museum has an exceptional collection of 300 paintings and sculptures dating back to different periods, from the 15th to the 20th century. Every year, temporary exhibitions are also held in the museum.

Practical information: €5.00 per adult and free for people under 26 years of age. Open every day except Monday and bank holidays.

The musée Thomas Henry

Photo, © Antoine Saubigou

The musée d'art et d’histoire

in Saint-Lô

Open the door to the museum and go back in time to discover the history of the town of Saint-Lô. Between old streets, bombardment, reconstruction and valuable objects, more than 2000 years of history are waiting for you. Discover Saint-Lô at different times and in the eyes of the artists inspired by the town.

Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

In addition to this collection, the museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions. You can take a guided tour of both the temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection. Workshops are also organised throughout the year.

Practical information: €6.00 per adult, €3.00 for 18-25 year olds, and free for under 18s.

The musée d’art et d’histoire in Saint-Lô


The musée d'art moderne Richard Anacréon

in granville

Richard Anacréon bequeathed to Granville, his home town, his huge collection of works of art and rare books. The museum also has paintings from the national museum of modern art and hosts temporary exhibitions. It is located in the former Paul Bert school.

Practical information: €5.00 per adult and free for people under 26 years of age.

The musée Richard Anacréon

Photo, © Benoit Croisy, coll. ville de Granville

Escape to the edge of the world
at the Manoir du Tourp

In a different register, this unique site is also dedicated to culture in La Manche. This old manor farm dating back to the 16th century has been restored by the town of La Hague. Both a cultural and touristic site, the Manoir du Tourp spotlights the heritage of La Hague and the Cotentin Peninsula through exhibitions linked to the territory. Throughout the year, the site is brought to life with a varied programme of exhibitions, shows and workshops for children.

Our highlight: the immersive animated tour, “Treasure at the end of the world”. Delve into the five rooms of this fabulous tour to discover La Hague, its legends and its treasures.

The manoir du Tourp

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