The best watersports for thrill seekers in La Manche

Wingfoiling, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, coasteering: adrenaline pumping nautical adventures!
Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

Are you looking for thrills and new sporting challenges by the sea? With the waves, wind and tides in La Manche, you’ll have no trouble finding the extreme watersport for you! Riding, jumping, diving, skimming: prepare for action and excitement! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, now’s the time for a unique nautical experience in a breathtaking spot. Wingfoiling, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, coasteering: grab your wetsuit and hit the waves!



Ready to fly over the waves?

How about testing a watersport that combines surfing and sailing for a new and exciting experience? A unique combination of windsurfing and kitesurfing, wingfoiling is made you! A wingfoil is a board with a fin known as a foil, and is propelled by a wing that you hold like a kite. You’ll need good balance and physical stamina if you want to try this watersport. But don’t worry, wingfoiling is accessible to beginners and a few hours of practice are generally enough to get you gliding across the waves!

Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

Where to try wingfoiling in La Manche?


In Jullouville, you can test this watersport all year round with the Manche Wingfoil school. Depending on the weather conditions, you’ll practice wingfoiling out at sea or close to the beach. You’ll get some extreme sensations out on the waves while staying in radio contact with your instructor. For those who prefer a gentle introduction, the centre also provides a wingsailing class, a first session on the beach so you can get the hang of the equipment. Bonus: Manche Wingfoil is also a mobile school: wingfoiling is coming to a beach near you!

More information on Manche Wingfoil

Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud
Photo, © Xavier Lechenaud


An exciting coastal adventure

Halfway between climbing and canyoning, coasteering is the ideal activity for anyone who loves the sea and extreme sports. In the safe hands of the Sauveteurs en Mer (sea rescuers), head off on a unique discovery of the coast of the Manche. This infinite playground will have you jumping from cliffs, climbing over rocks, discovering unexpected caves, and diving into choppy waters! Become an extreme explorer and try a different way to see the wild landscapes of La Manche while testing your limits.

Photo, © ASES Coasteering

Try coasteering with the ASES du Cotentin

Do you fancy trying a coasteering experience? The Association de Sauvetage et d'Éducation à la Sécurité du Cotentin offers coasteering outings in some exceptional sites: the bay of Ecalgrain, Omonville, Port Racine, and more. Head off to explore the wild landscapes of La Hague. New routes are proposed regularly between May and September, and on a daily basis in summer. Outings are also available on request. The cost is €38 per person, and the minimum age is 12 years.


What you’ll need for coasteering?

Proper equipment is essential for coasteering. A helmet, wetsuit and lifejacket are compulsory for your safety, and this equipment will be provided when you arrive. Take a swimsuit and an old pair of trainers as you’ll be walking in water and climbing slippery rocks.

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Tame the wind to ride the waves

Windsurfing is an ideal watersport if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. With windswept coasts, La Manche is renowned for its windsurfing spots with ideal conditions. The tides and changeable weather make it the perfect place to try out different aspects of the discipline, whatever your level. Speed, slalom or freestyle windsurfing: take your pick and brave the elements! Learn to control your board and to ride with the wind as you speed across the waves, or for more advanced windsurfers, try flying above them! Several watersport centres in La Manche run beginner and advanced windsurfing sessions.

Photo, © Mathéo Ganadu

Try a windsurfing adventure in La Hague


In Urville-Nacqueville, a favourite spot with the windsurfing champion Alex Grand-Guillot, the La Hague watersports centre is the place to be if you want to learn to windsurf. All year round, on request, it offers individual and group lessons depending on the weather. Hop on your board and off you go!

Learn to windsurf at the watersports centre in La Hague

Photo, © Mathéo Ganadu


Harness the wind and waves

Whether you prefer waves, speed or tricks, you’ll find what you’re looking for with kitesurfing. This watersport involves using a board that’s propelled across the water by a kite. La Manche is the ideal place to try this sport thanks to its tides, which allow you to practice in different conditions. You can try kitesurfing sessions at low tide, with calm seas, or in stronger waves at high tide. This activity is accessible to all and requires good physical condition if you want to learn to control the elements. With a bit of practice, you’ll be riding the waves in no time!

Photo, © David Daguier - CD50

Try kitesurfing with the Pôle Kitesurf de Normandie


In Agon-Coutainville, the Pôle Kitesurf de Normandie has different options for you to learn to kitesurf all year round. Sessions are also available for more advanced kitesurfers who want to perfect their skills. Lessons are held on the beaches in Gouville-sur-Mer, Agon-Coutainville, Anneville-sur-Mer and in the inlet at Blainville-sur-Mer, with the possibility of outings to Chausey in summer. A perfect adrenaline rush in a gorgeous setting!

Find out more about the Pôle Kitesurf de Normandie

Photo, © David Daguier - CD50
Photo, © David Daguier - CD50


Wild spots where you can hit the waves

Why not try surfing in La Manche and enjoy the thrill of the fantastic waves on the Cotentin Peninsula? This is where Léa Brassy, an international surfer and free diver, first learned to surf. Grab your board and head to the best spots for an unforgettable session. In Siouville, Le Rozel, and Sciotot you’ll find lots of surfers ready to hit the waves. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, the conditions are ideal for learning, trying new things and progressing, or just having fun. If you want more of a challenge, try surfing in autumn or winter, with powerful waves for a real (albeit cold) adrenaline rush!

Photo, © Loris Delande

Surfing in La Manche: where to hire equipment and get lessons?

If you want to start learning to surf, head to the Cotentin Surf Club in Siouville, which provides lessons and courses to suit all levels. Do you prefer to head out in total freedom? Then hire your equipment and hit the waves! Another possibility: look out for the arrival of Vana Surf School, an itinerant surf school in La Manche. Henri provides lessons, courses and equipment hire all along the coast.

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