Where can you find quirky accommodation in la Manche? Our top picks!

Unique and unusual places to stay
Photo, © Captain Yvon

A gypsy caravan, a yurt, an old Napoleonic fort, a treehouse or a floating cabin: it’s difficult to choose between all the quirky places to stay in La Manche! For a night, a few days or a week, get away from it all and enjoy a completely unique experience.


Go back in time

Originally designed for traveller families, the gypsy caravans now provide quirky accommodation for people looking for adventure. These small homes on wheels are available for two to five visitors and provide a cosy place to stay just a few kilometres from the sea. Treat yourself to a magical break!


Photo, © Pom'Roulottes

Vallée Féerique treehouses

Take to the trees

This is a place where you can really reconnect with nature. Up high in one of the two treehouses, you’ll wake up to the sound of water and birdsong. Later on, enjoy a romantic candlelit evening in your cabin, which has no water or electricity. Kick back and relax in this rustic woodland retreat.

Bonus: the site has a swimming pool and spa for you to unwind in.


Photo, © Aurélie Cauchard

Fort du Cap Lévi

An immersion between land and sea

Take a breath of fresh sea air at the Cap Lévi fort in Fermanville on the Cotentin Peninsula. This unique place was once a fort that defended Cherbourg harbour. It was built by Napoleon I and was partially destroyed during the Allied bombing in 1944.

If you like walking, the Fort stands on the GR 223 hiking trail. With the sound of crashing waves and panoramic sea views, you’ll feel like you’re sailing the ocean. Prepare for a special experience in a place like nowhere else!

Bonus: the fort has a beauty and wellness centre (providing treatments and massages).


Photo, © Gîtes de France

Pic Epeiche yurt in Beauficel

A taste of Mongolia

Do you fancy a complete change of scenery? Then Pic Epeiche is the place for you. You’ll stay in an authentic Mongolian yurt and get a taste of this unique way of life, where nature, calm and relaxation are the order of the day. Enjoy a night or a few days in the yurt, which is close to several different hiking trails.


Photo, © Labels Manche

La Croisée des Chemins yurt

In the heart of the Norman bocage countryside

Committed to proposing a more ecological and ethical kind of tourism, La Croisée des Chemins campsite invites you to stay under canvas and to enjoy living in harmony with nature in its lodges, yurts and safari tents. In the heart of the countryside, this farm campsite has a zero-waste grocery shop and a tearoom decorated with second-hand finds. Special events are also organised around environmental and well-being issues: do-it-yourself, debates, lectures, cookery workshops, animal care, and so on. The perfect place to go green!


Photo, © Camping La Croisée des Chemins

Cabane Wooden

A magical getaway

In the heart of the Côte des Havres, this cabin invites you to get away from the grind. Made entirely of wood, it’s the ideal place to disconnect and to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. With its cosy, vintage feel, it’ll take you back to your childhood. Located just 50 metres from the biggest beaches in la Manche, it’s a great spot for walking, taking in the gorgeous sunsets and trying different watersports.


Photo, © Best Jobers

Cabanes de Moon floating cabins

Cast off from the real world

Nestled in a haven of greenery, the Cabanes de Moon are a floating retreat ideal for complete rest and relaxation. The comfortably furnished cabins can accommodate two or four people. Situated in the heart of the Parc des Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin, they’re a great base for discovering the flora and fauna typical of this area, or the nearby landing beaches. Then head back to your unique accommodation to enjoy the tranquillity of the place and to reconnect with nature.

Bonus: the site has a mini-golf course and a fishing lake where you and your children can have fun fishing for trout!


Photo, © Cabanes de Moon

P’tit Gris farm

A rural retreat just a stone’s throw from the sea

In Fermanville, on the Cotentin Peninsula, this farm has a range of quirky places for you to stay. A grounded boat, a gypsy caravan, a den, a treehouse or a hut: take your pick from these unique eco-cabins set in a haven of peace.

The cabins are spread over five hectares of land, on a wooded hill overlooking the Moulins valley (a protected natural site). The perfect spot for a relaxing weekend enjoying nature!

Bonus: Le P’tit Gris des Moulins farm breeds snails and makes different products from snails, nettles, birch sap and other fruits and plants. You can buy these directly in the farm shop and take home a souvenir made in La Manche!


Photo, © Le P'tit Gris des Moulins

Tonneau des Amoureux barrel

A unique stay in a peaceful rural setting

At the Jardin du Clos Fleuri in Jullouville, enjoy a sense of peace surrounded by nature and birdsong. Why not treat yourself to a stay in a very unusual place: a barrel! You’re guaranteed a unique experience in this small round log cabin, just a short distance from the sea, where you can admire the stunning sunsets from the vast beaches of la Manche.


Photo, © Virginie Chapdelaine

Vaugoubert bubble

A night under the stars

The Vaugoubert in Tamerville offers a completely unique experience: a night in a transparent bubble! Next to an old farm, you can lie in the “bubble” and gaze at the stars. If you’re lucky, you might see a shooting star pass overhead. This quirky accommodation also has stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Treat yourself to a magical getaway!

Bonus: this address has a relaxation space with a spa, a wooden hot tub and massages.


Photo, © Le Vaugoubert

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