Saint-Marcouf is a group of two small islands situated on the East coast of la Manche: Île de Terre, an ornithological reserve (3,40 hectares) and Île du Large, upon which a military fort was built in the 19th Century, today unused.





The islands are administered by the French Government: île du Large has been off limits since 1999, for reasons of security, due to substantial erosion of the fortifications.
The Saint-Marcouf Islands are the only islands on the east side of la Manche. They lie in the Bay of Veys, 14 kilometres to the South of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue.


Since 2009, with the French Government’s authorisation, the Association “les Amis de l'île Saint-Marcouf” has endeavoured to restore the island’s sea walls which have sustained severe damage from the sea. In 2012, the association started the 4th phase of the restoration project: follow progress of the work on St-Marcouf:


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