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Go green in the great outdoors in la Manche!
Photo, © Best Jobers

With its wild expanses and rugged coastline, la Manche is an ideal nature destination, where you can reconnect with the elements and get a good dose of sea air. Enjoy one of the many nature outings on offer in the territory. Head off to discover its flora and fauna, try your hand at sustainable shellfish gathering, become an expert mushroom forager, or take part in an outdoor escape game. Here are some suggestions for activities in the great outdoors.


A nature outing

With Birding Mont Saint-Michel
Photo, © Best Jobers

Known for its birdwatching trips in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, Birding Mont Saint-Michel also offers other experiences for nature and animal lovers. Head off for a day discovering the storks of the Cotentin Peninsula in Saint-Côme-du-Mont. The Pont d’Ouve is the ideal place to recharge your batteries in the great outdoors. In Chausey, a paradise for birds and seals, enjoy an immersive day exploring these islands in La Manche and discovering their ornithological treasures.Continue the experience in the “Birding yurt”. Available from 1 April to 1 November, enjoy the peace and quiet of this setting, just a few kilometres from the beach and the amazing view from the cliffs in Champeaux.



An introduction to shellfish gathering

With the APP2R association
Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

With its 674 km of coastline, la Manche is the ideal place to try shellfish gathering. This invigorating activity is the perfect experience for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Clear your head with a good dose of salty sea air! With the APP2R association for resource-friendly shellfish gathering, head off to gather shellfish in a sustainable manner. The association organises activities throughout the year on the west coast of the department.

Between sustainable shellfish gathering and civic action such as beach cleanups, APP2R is committed to protecting the environment. The association works to raise awareness among shellfish gatherers about the importance of respecting the shoreline environment and about the regulations in force (size, quotas, and fishing seasons). Find out all about the coastline with the little museum set up every summer by the association on Passous beach in Agon-Coutainville.

Take a detour to Hauteville-sur-Mer to finish your shellfish gathering day in style with a visit to the Maillard fish weir. But what is a fish weir? It’s a V-shaped wooden trap used to catch fish at low tide. There are only five weirs of this type left in Europe. Enough said, grab your wellies and head off to discover this exceptional maritime heritage!

Shellfish gathering in the Manche


Nature outings

With the CPIE Cotentin
Photo, © CPIE

The Centre for environmental initiatives also works to protect the environment of la Manche. Throughout the year, the CPIE du Cotentin organises different nature activities in order to teach people, even young children, about civic action. Through its different themed activities, discover the natural riches of the territory: the coast, the marshes, the bocage countryside, the plants, and more.

In spring and summer, the association organises lots of different nature outings : an introduction to birdsong,drawing and photography workshops, foraging for edible and medicinal plants, exploring the tidal inlet in Saint-Germain-sur-Ay under the stars, shellfish gathering, cleanup operations in the tidal inlets, treasure hunts about the animals of the bocage countryside... Enjoy a green day out in la Manche, whatever your age!

Autumn is also the perfect season for discovering flora and fauna. As the trees show their brilliant colours, head off to discover the treasures of nature. With the squirrel trail in the woods, mushroom foraging, and shellfish gathering at low tide, every year, the CPIE du Cotentin organises enjoyable autumn outings.

Nature outings with the CPIE


Learning about biodiversity

Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

Like the CPIE du Cotentin, the AVRIL association plays an important role in raising awareness about environmental protection in la Manche. Every year, it organises different nature outings: walking at the Roches de Ham, hunting for ray eggs, foraging for mushrooms, making bird feeders, hunting for treasure, and crossing the River Sienne. Nature lovers will be spoilt for choice!

AVRIL also organises weekends to immerse yourself in the great outdoors in la Manche: with sensory activities, discoveries, and night-time walks, all your senses will be awakened! The association runs clubs for children who love flora  and fauna. The Nature club, from 8 to 11 years, will bring out the Robinson Crusoe in your kids, as they build dens, cook wild plants, search for butterflies and conduct scientific experiments. The “Pond, river and fishing” club will teach them all about different fishing techniques and aquatic life.

Outdoor escape games

An initiative organised once again by the AVRIL association, involving two outdoor escape games. The one on wetlands is an interactive game to discover these environments and their benefits. The goal of the second, “Mission climat”, is to look at sustainable development and environmental issues. These two escape games take place at the Aquascole in Saint-Pierre-de-Coutances.

The A.V.R.I.L association



Nature activities around Saint-Lô

With L’Écureuil
Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

L’Écureuil runs nature activities in the rural setting of the Vire Valley, close to the Roches de Ham. Reconnect with nature, get away from it all and lose yourself on the country paths: this is the spirit of the activities proposed. A club for young children is organised once a month to awaken your little ones’ senses and enable them to discover nature. For bigger children, from 6 to 12 years, there are lots of different activities on the programme: building dens, observing animals, hunting for treasure, making natural toys, and gardening. Perfect for little adventurers! To prolong the fun, L’Écureuil has a holiday cottage with a great view of the Vire valley. Why not spend a weekend there and make the most of the gorgeous countryside in la Manche.


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