New ways to explore Mont Saint-Michel and its bay

Our suggestions for original activities and outings
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Why not change your perspective to enjoy all the aspects of this special place? With original activities, eco-friendly outings, off-season walks, and much more, leave the crowds behind you and enjoy surprising panoramas and extraordinary experiences. Mont Saint-Michel and its bay, this natural and architectural treasure of la Manche, is an absolute must-see in the area.

Whether you prefer to be in the air, on two wheels, running, with your toes in the sand, your binoculars in your hand or in the shoes of a virtual hero, discover a selection of activities and outings for new ways to explore Mont Saint-Michel and its bay.

Enjoy a tête-à-tête with the Merveille

An evening visit to Mont Saint-Michel

Visiting Mont Saint-Michel is always a fascinating experience, but exploring it without the daytime visitors is even more magical! In the evening, the day trippers head home and peace gradually settles over the village again. From 7 p.m. the car park price is reduced, making it the ideal time to visit. Then you can properly take in the atmosphere as you stroll in the cobbled streets and appreciate the peaceful gardens.

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Our accommodation ideas at Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel and its bay by bike

a ride in a unique setting

Cycling is a great alternative way to explore the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. In this extraordinary natural setting, feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the landscapes at your own pace. Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are a stopping point or the finishing point of several major cycle routes in La Manche. With the Véloscénie, the Véloroute from the Normandy landing beaches to Mont Saint-Michel, and the Vélomaritime, there are lots of different routes for all levels. After a ride in the bay, take a break to visit Mont Saint-Michel itself. You can cycle along the walkway bridge and there are several bike racks available on site.

The major cycle routes

Photo, © Withaxie

Le Mont Saint-Michel
in winter

In winter, there are far fewer visitors to Mont Saint-Michel: the perfect opportunity to enjoy the contrasting landscapes of the bay from the ramparts or to visit the Abbey, far from the crowds. The old stones set against grey skies guarantee a magical atmosphere!

Mont Saint-Michel and its bay

Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

Cross the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel

An unforgettable experience

What better way to appreciate the beauty of this exceptional place than by crossing the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel on foot? Sink your toes into the sand and head off to explore this surprising environment accompanied by a guide. With Mont Saint-Michel as a backdrop, enjoy an interesting walk up close with nature, as you listen to the stories told by your guide and take care to avoid the quicksand! Several thematic outings are available all year round for an alternative way to discover the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. Whether you choose to go at dusk, at night, or during the spring tide, to cross the whole bay or just a few kilometres, prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

Crossing the bay

Become a hero in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel

The Timetravel application

Get ready to go back in time with the Timetravel application and its fun missions! Soundtracks, videos and colourful characters will take you on a journey to explore the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. From Granville to Saint-Malo, follow the instructions of the Timetravel Corp, whose virtual agents will accompany you through the ages. Step into the shoes of a soldier, a monk or a secret agent and prepare to find objects, gather information and build monuments. With archive documents, quizzes and historical secrets, the interactive trails lasting between 1.5 and 2 hours are great fun for all the family!

Timetravel application

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Mont Saint-Michel and its bay by microlight

stunning views

Take to the skies and enjoy a bird’s eye view of Mont Saint-Michel and its bay. Why not head for the clouds on a microlight adventure? This ultralight glider experience guarantees unique sensations and breathtaking views. From up high, Mont Saint-Michel shows all of its contours and the bay stretches out below with a mosaic of surprising shapes and colours.

Tip: try a flight at sunset, when Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are bathed in golden light, making the view even more magical. You won’t want to come back down to earth!

Microlight flight with Didier Hulin

Photo, © Captain Yvon

An e-scooter tour

a laid-back way to see the bay of Mont Saint-Michel

Why not try a surprising nature trail on an e-scooter, with off-road wheels, handlebars like a bike, and a mini gearbox? This fun, eco-friendly activity is a great alternative way to discover the bay of Mont Saint-Michel. The Pointe du Grouin, the Lude Valley, Saint-Jean-le-Thomas, Carolles and its Cabane Vauban: choose from four marked trails that all offer unique sensations and varied landscapes. Fasten your helmet and off you go!

Trott'in Mont-Saint-Michel

Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

Visit the Ecomuseum in Vains

learn the secrets of the bay

The Ecomuseum in Vains reveals the secrets of this completely unique natural area, with fun exhibits explaining the origins of Mont Saint-Michel and its exceptional environment. Its geological formation, natural habitats, flora, fauna and diversity all come to life before your eyes. The Ecomuseum in Vains also tells the story of the people living in the bay. The interactive displays, models and historical objects paint a picture of the local history. The museum regularly puts on different events. Be sure to visit the salt production workshop and go home with a souvenir!

Ecomuseum in Vains

Photo, © David Daguier - CD50

Watch the birds in the bay

With Birding Mont Saint-Michel

The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel stretches as far as the eye can see, between salt marshes, wetlands, mudflats and shorelines washed by the sea, providing an infinite playground for birds. Sébastien, a birdwatching guide and naturalist, will take you on a walk to spot them, with different outings available depending on the season. If you choose the “Traversée des oiseaux” (bird crossing), you’ll discover the bay of Mont Saint-Michel and its different species, from the Couesnon valley to the islet of Tombelaine. Sébastien will make sure you have time to look, listen and marvel at this exceptional biodiversity. Don’t forget your binoculars!

Birding Mont Saint-Michel

Photo, © Best Jobers

Le Bayman

Combining sport, nature and heritage

Do you like sporting challenges? Do you want to push yourself in a natural environment that’s unique in the world? Then the Bayman triathlon is made for you! This fun sporting event brings together runners of all levels in the gorgeous landscapes of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. Whether you choose the M, L or XXL race, competing on your own or in a pair, push your limits to reach Mont Saint-Michel.

The Bayman

Photo, © David Daguier - CD50

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