Station-to-station cycling trip

La Manche by gravel bike from Cherbourg to Granville

Tested by "Les Others"
Photo, © Refuse to Hibernate

With more than 1 200 km of cycle routes and 230 km of greenways, La Manche is a great place for gravel biking. Cycling the Cherbourg-Granville gravel bike route is a perfect way to enjoy outdoor pursuits and to discover the territory differently. From Paris, you can easily get to La Manche by train for an outdoor adventure. Once you get to Granville, take the train back to the capital. 

From Cherbourg to Granville by gravel bike

The route

210km of cycling
1840m of cumulative elevation gain
3 to 6h in the saddle per day

During this trip, you’ll have plenty of things to discover. From traditional Cotentin houses to the oyster beds on the west coast, enjoy a good dose of fresh sea air as you travel around la Manche. The landscapes change as you get closer to Granville. Unspoilt coves, colourful beach huts, and long sandy beaches: what will be your favourite spot? The sound of the waves will be your background music for the whole of this fantastic experience.

The adventure by "Les Others"

"Les Others" tested three days of gravel biking ln la Manche for you. From Cherbourg to Granville, they tell you all about their adventure, including the people they met, their local discoveries, the coastal landscapes and the kilometres travelled, sometimes with difficulty!

The logbook of "Les Others"

You can take more than three days to complete this route if you prefer. It can be adapted for easier and/or family bike rides. It’s not only for gravel bikes, but for all types of bikes. The track is available on the Komoot app, well known to cyclists. 

The itinerary on Komoot app


Gravel biking in la Manche

Originating in the United States, gravel biking is rapidly gaining popularity in France. Designed like a road bike, gravel bikes have higher pedals, disc brakes and wider tyres, meaning they can be used on different surfaces, including roads and dirt tracks or stony paths.

Photo, © Les Others

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