Organised walks and outings : useful tips

Useful tips

• Make sure you are wearing shoes suitable for outdoor activities (walking shoes, boots…)

• Choose your clothes according to the season and weather conditions (warm clothes, waterproofs, protection against the sun…), and the environment (neutral colours to avoid scaring animals)

• We suggest you bring binoculars and/or a magnifying glass (events on the theme of plants and insects)

• Always bring a snack and a bottle of water.

• Before you set off on a bicycle ride, make sure your equipment is in good condition (tyres, breaks, repair kit…). We also recommend that you wear a helmet.

• For night-time outings, a torch is essential.


Caring for nature

Nature is beautiful, but it is also very fragile! To ensure that people and nature continue to live harmoniously, we ask everyone to follow this simple code :

• Do not leave litter behind you (glass, plastic, metal, or even your cigarette stubs).

• Please do not pick plants or flowers unnecessarily. You will thus take part in the preservation of rare species and have the enormous pleasure of admiring them during your future visits. A photograph lasts much longer than a flower in a vase!

• Please do not scare the animals. They will need all their energy for mating, feeding their young, migrating and facing the winter months...

• Please do not bring your pets. Even the best trained dogs can be a source of disturbance to wildlife (the disturbing of birds nesting on the ground, barking etc).