Book your camping or glamping holiday from our selection of options in La Manche

Different holiday options are available when staying on a camp-site. While getting closer to nature, camping is also synonymous with comfort ...


Depending on your needs, your desires, you can choose to sleep in the countryside or by the sea, in a mobile home, a tent, a caravan or in a Gypsy wagon .... as a family, whatever the weather, many activities and facilities allow you to have fun and enjoy your holiday in Normandy.

Maybe you prefer a different type accommodation?

We also have a great choice of holiday homes in Normandy.


Camping holiday with your family


Many facilities are available for children and grown-ups in Normandy Camp sites:
✔ Swimming pool,
✔ Slides,
✔ Swings,
✔ Boules,
✔ Play area


weekend famille normandie




Relaxing and green holidays!

Fancy “going green”, eco-camping and living closer to nature during your holiday ?
You can choose from:

✔ Simple caravan and camping parks,
✔ Camping on a farm,
✔ Rural camp-sites...


Gite en famille à bretteville sur ay




Luxury Camp site in Normandy

Norman camping with a touch of luxury, it is possible! Infrastructures have greatly evolved and offer well appointed lodgings.
✔ Log cabin
✔ Beautiful green environment
✔ Friendly welcome
✔ Family atmosphere


Séjour dans un château




Fancy trying glamping on La Manche

Choose from our selection of glamping and unusual camping experiences for a memorable stay in la Manche !

✔ Gypsy wagon,
✔ Cabin in the trees,
✔ Viking Tent
✔ Tepee...


Weekend insolite dans une cabane perchée (La Vallée Féérique)




Camp site by the seaside in Normandy


A perfect get-away on the coast, to make the most of the beaches... Choose a campsite by the seaside and enjoy an array of water sportsl and leisure activities on the beach!

Why choose camping for your holiday?

It is a place of conviviality and exchange. Whether you want to get closer to nature, or are looking for an eco-friendly holiday, a relaxing or unusual break, or if you are on a budget, you will always find the campsite which is right for you! For a relaxing, comfortable and charming holiday, go camping in Normandy!


Week-end en amoureux dans la Manche (phare de Gatteville par Captain Yvon)