A walk in the woods: le bois d'Ardennes

The River Sélune – much appreciated by fishing enthusiasts, due to the presence of Atlantic salmon – contributed to the development of this wood when it flooded.

The vast biodiversity of the Ardennes wood is a testimony of its age: In fact, it is considered to be a relic of the mythical Scissy forest, submerged by a tidal wave in March 709. Species found in the wood include oak, lime, hazel, beech, alder and ash trees. Rich fauna has been observed: woodcocks, crested tits, wrens, warblers, martens, badgers and wild boars to name but a few.


Warning !

The wood is the subject of a conservation scheme:  this sensitive natural area and the animal’s habitat is protected. Basic principles apply when walking in the forest: No fire, no gathering, no trash! Have a pleasant walk in the forests of la Manche!


Le bois d'Ardennes