Tatihou off east coast of la Manche

The island of Tatihou, off the harbour of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue and at a stone’s throw from Barfleur, is home to a variety of sea birds; it also attracts visitors passionate about history and nature lovers.


Discover the Maritime Museum, the gardens, and the shipyard, where traditional boats undergo restoration. The name of Tatihou originates from the Vikings: it associates the Norse word “hou” (land surrounded by water) with the first name “Tat”.

The crossing between Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue and Tatihou can be done at high tide and at low tide aboard an amphibious boat: This strange embarkation, equipped with wheels runs on the sand at low tide!


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The Maritime museum


The Museum opened in 1992. It was created to house archaeological items found in the wrecks of la Hougue (battle of May-June 1692). For this reason, it has been registered as museum controlled by the “Direction des Musées de France” since November 1991.


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The maritime garden


The largest of the 3 gardens on the island, it shelters behind its walls endemic species of la Manche.


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The ornithological reserve


Three hectares have been turned into an ornithological reserve. From April to July, many nesting birds and waders can be spotted. Throughout the year, naturalists may detect over 150 different species.

 Also to be seen on the island: the ship yard, the boat hall, and the lazaret…


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Tatihou Island is also famous for its festival "Les Traversées de Tatihou" combining world music and hiking (in August).


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Tatihou in pictures