Capital of the horse, Saint-Lô gives a place of honour to this animal known as “man’s best friend”: the State stud farm offers many visits, and every year in August, meetings such as the “Normandy Horse Show” are organised.

Saint-Lô boasts a strong cultural identity: library, arts museum, Norman Bocage Museum, arts and music schools, theatre, multiscreen cinema. The town supports music festivals such as “ Rendez-vous Soniques”, a song festival…Spearhead for rock in la Manche, Saint-Lô is also home to the arts workshop “Ateliers Arts Plume”.

Favourite sites in Saint-Lô !



Weekend Normandy

The Norman Bocage Country Museum


Boisjugan is a large 17th Century farm which houses the Norman Bocage Country Museum: a collection of more than 1 000 traditional objects across 800 m² of exhibition space. The museum deals with the characteristics of bocage country, the development of agricultural practises, and the breeding of cattle and horses. Typical farm elements have been reconstructed: the stables, the barn, the workshop, the dairy...










Les Rendez-vous Soniques


Every year, around 11 November, many French and English-speaking artists perform on the Normandy stage. This festival welcomes both top names and newcomers, with an offbeat artistic approach to "change the way we look at song"...





Museum of Fine Arts


In the Museum of Fine Arts, located in the cultural centre, rich collections are enhanced by contemporary architecture. You can admire paintings and drawings by famous painters such as Corot, Millet, Boudin ... You will also have an opportunity to discover an evocation of Saint-Lô before the war and the reconstruction of the town.



Holiday NormandyThe State Stud Farm


The buildings as they stand today were constructed in 1884, under the reign of Napoleon 1st. Of the former stud farm only remain a street “rue du vieux haras” and the “Normandy” building which used to be an indoor school.  

The stud farm nowadays keeps about 40 stallions and specialises in the Norman Cob and Selle français. The stud farm is open to visitors: you will discover different breeds of horses, “the equine industry”, exhibitions...



The Vire Valley, typical bocage country, is the perfect place for hiking and for river activities. By following one of the many trails, you will discover breathtaking landscapes, chateaux, manor houses, churches...


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Towpaths and green ways


In the Vire Valley, towpaths and old railways have been turned into green ways (voies vertes). During a short break or a holiday in la Manche, from the Vire Valley to the bay of Mont Saint-Michel you can explore the many available trails, on foot, on a bicycle or on horseback.


Towpaths and green ways


Kayaking on the river Vire


You can also discover the Vire Valley in a canoe or a kayak. There are several clubs and leisure centres where you can rent equipment and set off for a day or a half-day expedition.


Kayaking on the river Vire fotolia


"Les roches de Ham"


Contrasting with the soft curves of bocage landscape, the siliceous cliffs of “les roches Ham” (105 metres) offer panoramic views over the Vire Valley and Saint-Lô countryside.


Les roches de Ham


The abbey of Cerisy-la-Forêt


Situated on the edge of the Cerisy forest, between Saint-Lô and Bayeux, the abbey of Cerisy-la-Forêt is a gem of Romanesque architecture and is worth the visit. During the Middle-Ages, pilgrims stopped here on their journey to Mont Saint-Michel. The forest (classed as natural reserve in 1976) is home to deer and wild boars, but also to remarkable butterflies and an endemic ground beetle (Chrysocarabus auroniten).


The abbey of Cerisy-la-Forêt