Regional Nature Park of Normandy-Maine

Created in 1975, the Regional Nature Park Normandy-Maine covers two regions (Lower Normandy and Pays de la Loire), and four departments: Orne, Manche, Mayenne and Sarthe.

The nature park has a wealth of natural treasures. Rare species can be observed here, namely the freshwater pearl mussel and the white-clawed crayfish. The park is also home to exceptional natural environments such as heathland, bogland, limestone hills or talus slopes. The park begins in Mortain in la Manche and stretches towards Domfront and lower Maine.
The notable difference between this Regional Nature Park and that of Cotentin and Bessin, is that 25% of its surface is covered with woods and forests. The forest of Mortain is part of the Normandy Maine Park.

Remarkable sites...


The Fosse Arthour


“La fosse Arthour” is a 70 metre deep gorge, renowned for its wild and beautiful environment. It is an ideal spot for walking or climbing and is the subject of many legends. It is said that King Arthur, ignoring his obligation to wait until nightfall to see his wife, met his death here.


the Fosse Arthour


The cascades of Mortain


The great waterfall is considered to be one of the most important in the West of France. The river Cance falls from a height of 20 meters onto Armorican sandstone, surrounded by dense vegetation.

The small cascade is a shaded green spot, ideal for walks. A staircase leads you into the deep gorge, cut by the Cançon stream; the cool atmosphere, the sound of running water and birdsong are ingredients for a pleasant walk in Normandy.


The cascades of Mortain