The Manche region of Normandy is home to countless small-scale producers, craftsmen and artisans: creators who draw on local resources to make, cook or dream up products which are ‘made in la Manche’. Both land and sea provide Manche a generous bounty of fresh products. The talented market gardeners, farmers, fishermen and other producers combine perfectly with the talented chefs who elevate the local products. Whether as a treat for yourself or to offer as a gift, here are some of our most treasured Normandy specialities.



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Les Biscuits de Sainte-Mère-Eglise


Inspired by the history of the town, this biscuit maker produces a wide range of delicious biscuits – little paras, goblin’s delights, Sainte-Mère biscuits, Normandy shortcakes, and for the really sweet-toothed, they also make chocolates


La confiture de Bisous
Les Délices de Camille - Cérences


« Les Délices de Camille » est né de la passion de Nadia Legendre pour les mélanges étonnants mais harmonieux et toujours authentiques. Je vous conseille de goûter la confiture de bisous, la douceur de la fraise associée au parfum surprenant de la rose…


La brioche du Vast


In the village of Le Vast, in the Manche region, the bakery bearing the same name has a cafe where you can enjoy a bowl of cider and try their famous brioche whose delicious smell has been wafting from the oven….


La brioche du Vast


Fresh cheese with figs

Chèvrerie de la Huberdière – Liesville-sur-Douve


Mr and Mme Lefort pamper their 150 milk goats in order to produce the best milk for cheeses full of character. Tome, crottin, plain, ash-coated or with peppercorns – there’s bound to be one that you’ll love!


Milk jam
Lait Douceur de Normandie - Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte


Sweet-toothed, be warned : you are welcome to visit the workshops of Lait Douceur and try their delicious milk jam, caramel ingots or soft caramel.


Milk jam Normandy

Le camembert Réo
Fromagerie du Val d’Ay - Lessay


The Réaux cheese factory has been producing its legendary camembert, made with unpasteurised milk and moulded by ladle in the traditional way, since 1931. It has won many awards, and you can’t leave without trying it!


Laiterie de Lessay - camembert


Turned toward the sea,


Manche is famous for its shellfish. In Granville, the top shellfish port in France, more than 3/4 of the auction hall is filled with crustaceans. Lobster is recognized as an outstanding French product and is fished from the Chausey Islands to the northern tip of the Cotentin Peninsula. Mollusc farming is also widespread in Manche, with production of mussels and oysters. 
Conchy Marée, a seafood producer in Pirou, has seafood vending machines in both Pirou and Saint-Lô. Depending on the season, mussels, oysters, whelk and spider crabs are available 24/7. 


Parc ostréicole in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont


Saumon de France

Farmed raised salmon in the sea at Cherbourg
This fish farm in Cherbourg harbour is France's only sea salmon farm. The strong currents produce muscular salmon that is not too fatty. 


PGI whelks of Granville Bay

This delicious sea snail is fished using traditional methods with cages brought up every day by specialised fishing boats where the shells are sorted on board. An integral part of any seafood platter, Granville Bay whelks now have a protected geographical indication (PGI).


PGI whelks of Granville Bay


AOC Cotentin Cider


Cotentin cider now boasts an AOC label protecting the traditional character of the cider, the plant heritage that goes with it (varieties of apples) as well as the know-how of the territory. The AOC label guarantees an authentic product that is non-carbonated and restricted to a certain area.


Le Pommeau de Normandie
Théo Capelle cidery - Sotteville

The Théo Capelle cidery, in the Cotentin, produces a variety of aperitifs, ciders, calvados, fruit juices and jellies from the orchards belonging to the family business. There’s something for everyone.


Cidre Cotentin - Théo Capelle


Hot drinks
Manfolium herbal teas from the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel

Organic aromatic plants made in Jullouville, near Granville, combine to make herbal teas like the Grandes Marées infusion, made with marjoram, spearmint and rose petals for a fresh taste of the sea!


La Cotentine Moderne teas and herbal teas

This Normandy farm in the harbour of Saint Germain-sur-Ay offers blends of foraged and cultivated plants. Each mixture evokes an atmosphere inspired by local landscapes, while the label tells a wonderful tale to round off a trip in Manche.


La Cotentine Moderne teas and herbal teas