The pilgrim ways to Mont Saint-Michel

Follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims in la Manche
Photo, © Emmanuel Berthier

Throughout the ages, Mont Saint-Michel has always been a focal point for thousands of pilgrims and visitors. Founded in the 8th century by Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, it was one of the most important places of pilgrimage in medieval Christendom, along with Rome, Santiago de Compostela and Jerusalem. For centuries, pilgrims from different origins flocked to Mont Saint-Michel along the routes known as the “Chemins de Paradis” (paths to heaven).

Since 1998, the Association “Les Chemins du Mont Saint-Michel” has been retracing and restoring the old pilgrim ways leading to the famous Mont Saint-Michel. In la Manche, follow the Chemins de Cherbourg and the Chemins de Barfleur to recharge your batteries on these historical hiking trails. Follow the guide!

Les chemins de Cherbourg :

202 km, 9 stages

La Malle Postale, a service that simplifies your hiking trip

To travel light with complete peace of mind, La Malle Postale, in partnership with the taxis and carriers in the Manche, proposes services along the Chemins de Cherbourg: luggage delivery, shuttles and vehicle transfers.

Organise your trip

Photo, © Xavier Lachenaud

Les chemins de Barfleur :

192 km, 8 stages

All the stages of the Chemins de Barfleur:

  • Barfleur – Montebourg
  • Montebourg – Carentan
  • Carentan – Périers
  • Périers – Coutances
  • Coutances – Cérences
  • Cérences – La Haye-Pesnel
  • La Haye-Pesnel – Saint-Jean-le-Thomas
  • Saint-Jean-le-Thomas – Mont Saint-Michel

What to see along the Chemins du Mont Saint-Michel ?

As you walk along the Chemins du Mont Saint-Michel from Cherbourg or Barfleur, you’ll travel through some of the unspoilt landscapes of la Manche and see some of its unmissable towns. Here are some of the sights along the way:

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