Are you a leisure rider or true competitor? La Manche attracts cyclists of all abilities and of all kinds: on a road bicycle or a mountain bike, cycling is a great way to explore the department: There are 1200 km of waymarked bike trails, a bikeway from Cherbourg to Mont Saint-Michel, and 230 km of greenways (voies vertes)... Check out the bikeways available in la Manche with our maps and guides. If you don’t have your own bike, find out from our list where you can hire your equipment.

Cycle hire

Hire a bicycle from one of the many rental shops in la Manche.

Cycling calendar

Find out when the next bicycle tour is due.

The Label "Accueil Vélo"

With friends, family, or as a couple set off for a cycling break in la Manche and stop off in specifically equipped structures.