The most gorgeous scenic views around La Manche

Discover the most fabulous panoramas in Normandy



Holidaying in la Manche, make sure you travel around to take in the amazing variety of landscapes on show across this most westerly of Norman counties, or départements

You can’t fail to appreciate the wealth of scenic views around this unspoilt Norman paradise. Our landscapes offer a magnificent combination of gentle and sparkling colours, of the grandiose and the wonderfully preserved. Tour these parts at a gentle pace to enjoy our verdant countryside, backed by the ever-changing hues of the sea, at your leisure. 

On foot, by bike or on horseback, make for the high ground to be able to take in to the full the glorious natural settings around La Manche

The wide landscapes and skies, the rich agricultural lands and the magical sights create an exhilarating atmosphere. The Baie du Mont Saint-Michel, the Côte des Havres (with its protected natural harbours), the Côte des Isles (looking out to islands), the Cotentin Peninsula, the D-Day landing beaches, the Vire Valley and the southern part of La Manche, Sud Manche… all offer up unbeatable Norman views that you won’t easily forget! 


Around the staggering Bay of the Mont Saint-Michel 


> Avranches


Basilique d'Avranches


The town’s Jardin des Plantes (botanical garden) on its height provides a stunning view of the estuaries of the Sée and Sélune Rivers, and of the Mont Saint-Michel


> Mont Joie-Saint-Martin


La baie du mon saint-michel par Emmanuel Berthier


This mount offers a different view of the Mont Saint-Michel


> Pointe de Carolles and Champeaux Cliffs


Cabane Vauban by Maxime Coquard


From these two spots, take in breathtaking panoramas of the Bay of the Mont Saint-Michel


> Vains

Head to the Grouin du Sud headland for further amazing views to the Mont Saint-Michel. At exceptionally high tides, watch the powerful Mascaret, or tidal bore, from here.


> Granville and its coast



From the Pointe du Roc, the views down onto the beaches to north and south are exceptional, as are those to the Chausey Archipelago out to sea 


The elegance of the Côte des Havres

> Agon - Coutainville


La pointe d'Agon par Mignard


Enjoy the long sandy beach backed by beach-huts with colourful roofs. The Pointe d’Agon headland is a listed natural sight marked by a startling lighthouse.

> Le Havre de Sienne


Le havre de la Seinne


This harbour was once the trading port for Regnéville


Nature’s panoramas along the Côte des Isles


> Les Moitiers - d’Allone




The Dunes d’Hatainville are almost a mile wide and reach 80m in height at their highest point.


> Barneville-Carteret 


> Cap Carteret


Cap Carteret


You can see there the Mont de Besneville, Carteret Lighthouse and Biard Rock: with views stretching to the Channel Islands


Up the Cotentin


> Cherbourg, a port linked to the Americas


Cherbourg-Octeville: the Fort du Roule has remarkable views down on the port

L’Anse du Brick: take in much of the vast Rade de Cherbourg, an exceptional natural harbour, from Cap Lévi with its 19th-century Napoleonic fort 



> La Hague


Hameau de Laye: from this hamlet, enjoy the the stunning view of Ecalgrain Bay

The Calvaire des Dunes at Biville: perched 125m above the sea, you get an amazing view from this cross dominating the Anse de Vauville

Falaises de Landemer: from these cliffs take in fabulous views of La Hague’s cliffs

Falaises de Vauville and Flamanville Semaphore (Control Tower): from these cliffs, enjoy one of the most beautiful sea views in the whole of La Manche

Gréville Hague: head to Le Castel Vendon Rock for the panorama 

Herqueville: enjoy the startling view of the Anse de Vauville and the coast up to the Cap de Flamanville Headland

La Roche à Coucou Les Pieux and Le Rozel Point: for unbeatable views of the Nez de Jobourg and Cap Carteret headlands and out to the Channel Islands 

Le Nez de Jobourg: boasting some of the highest cliffs in Europe (126m in height) 


Nez de Jobourg


The finest landscapes along the Saire Valley

From Barfleur to La Hougue


Barfleur: behind the church, enjoy views of Gatteville, its lighthouse and the Pointe de Barfleur. Barfleur is in that select association, Les Plus Beaux Villages de France

Ile Tatihou: an island just out to sea from Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue. From the island’s tower, take in a staggering view of the Bay of Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue

La Pernelle, 10km from Barfleur: head here for the views to the Pointe de Barfleur, down the Cotentin’s eastern coast and across to the distant Calvados coastline



> Sainte-Mère-Eglise and Utah Beach 

Saint-Marcouf-de-l’Isle: from Crisbecq Battery, look down on Utah Beach, of D-Day landings fame, and onto the renowned Tatihou Island 


> Baie des Veys

Head for the Beauguillot nature reserve at Sainte-Marie-du-Mont


> The Parc Naturel Régional des Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin


Marais du cotentin et du bessin


Liesville-sur-douve: for an unbeatable viewing point over the marshes 

Le-Plessis-Lastelle: the ruins of the former keep of Le Plessis have been transformed into an observation post over the marshes

Graignes Memorial: at the highest point in the Marais du Cotentin, learn here about the varied ways in which man has used these marshes, regularly flooded in winter.

Doville Mount and Castre Mount

The Vire Valley, in the heart of the bocage with its hedgerows

> Roches de Ham at Brectouville


Les roches de Ham


Enjoy impressive views from these rocks, reaching 105m in height, with a head-spinning drop to the Vire River far below


> Saint-Lô

The ramparts and the Beaux-Regards and La Poudrière Towers offer great views not just of the town, but also of the Vire 


Grandiose landscapes in the Sud de la Manche area


> Villedieu-les-Poêles


Town renowned for producing copper utensils

Saint-Vigor-Des-Monts: dominating the patchwork of fields divided by hedgerows in the Bocage Virois area. The viewing table indicates the sights all around


> The Mortenais area between the Mont Saint-Michel and La Suisse Normande 

Chaulieu: the highest point in La Manche (at 368m), with great views

Mortain: from the Chapelle Saint-Michel you can see as far as the Mont Saint-Michel 

The Mortain Waterfalls

Ducey: the Bois d’Ardennes, woods covering 80 hectares, containing a great variety of wild flora and fauna, including interesting birds, bats and amphibians 


Les cascades de Mortain