Situated at an hour’s crossing from Diélette or Carteret, discover the charming island of Guernsey.


Here nature is queen and the sea is generous. Away from the daily hustle and bustle, Guernsey promises you a dream stay.

Paths, cottages, beaches, English gardens, fortifications... Landscapes of irresistible beauty await you. There are also many castles and museums to visit and the famous "Hauteville House" where Victor Hugo lived during his exile.


Saint-Peter Port, the capital

Guernsey’s capital is a busy harbour town,Saint-Peter Port, offers a fascinating mix of styles, a maze of cobbled streets, rows of houses leading down to the seafront and terraced gardens flanked by old stairways and secret alleyways.

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Holiday Normandy

Holiday Normandy

Historical heritage

Discover a rich heritage consisting of ramparts, towers, and coastal fortifications.

The home of Victor Hugo

Discover the house where Victor Hugo lived during his exile. It is here that "Les Misérables" was written.

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Holiday NormandyGuernesey, the green island

Dunes, creeks, sandy beaches, small harbours, nature reserves, horticultural treasures, wooded valleys and peaceful paths follow one another along 160 km of coastline.

Services between la Manche and Guernsey

Only a few miles from one another, the Channel Islands and la Manche are close geographically and share historical, touristic, economic and cultural ties. Manche Iles Express and the Conseil Général of la Manche are keen to perpetuate the historical sea links, thus developing tourist, cultural and commercial exchanges with our British “cousins”. Regular crossings to the Channel Islands depart from Granville, Barneville-Carteret and Diélette.

Depending on weather conditions, the company reserves the right to cancel crossings. During the lower season, crossings are operated only at weekends and are dependent on tides.

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Ferry terminal in Granville: 02 33 61 08 88
Ferry terminal in Carteret: 02 33 01 10 11

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