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Théâtre Saint-Lô > "Track"

Join us on March 13 at 7:30pm at the Saint-Lô theater for the show "Track" with the company "La boîte à sel".

Beatbox symphony for electric trains.
A giant circuit of electric trains, with level crossings, switches, tunnels and bridges. And its music: the clatter of the locomotive starting up, the hiss of the cars as they curve, their whistle as they descend and, of course, the tchoutchou! Imagine several trains as instruments, the rhythm of the barriers, raised and lowered, acting as drumsticks, add a beatbox musician and you've got a little idea of Track, this iconoclastic sound and visual object. Born of the encounter between puppeteer Céline Garnavault, sound designer Thomas Sillard and beatboxer Laurent Duprat, Track opens the way to a new language: theater with connected sound objects. For young and old alike, they take us into a waking dream in which a delicate giant watches over his tiny world.

Dramaturgy, direction: Céline Garnavault
Sound creation, connected objects: Thomas Sillard
Music and performance Laurent Duprat - L.O.S.
Assistant director Adélaïde Poulard
Lighting design Alizée Bordeau
Sound assistant, connected objects Margaux Robin
Construction Daniel Péraud & Sophie Burgaud
Collaboration scenography Olivier Droux
Movement Thomas Guerry
Costumes Stéfani Gicquiaud
Development Raphael Renaud ? KINOKI Metal circuit CAP chaudronnerie du Lycée Réaumur de Poitiers Sewing Béatrice Ferrond and Armelle Quiniou Lighting support Zélie Champeau Lighting and trains Leslie Seuve and Dominique Pain Sound and connected objects Thomas Sillard, Margaux Robin, Félix Mirabel and Jean Gueudré
Stage management: Adélaïde Poulard, Régis Roudier
Documentary Luka Merlet Production Kristina Deboudt, Jessica Bodard
France Fiévet General Manager Antoine Auger
Photos: ©Frédéric Desmesure.

Running time 50 minutes - All audiences (3 years and up)

Online ticketing or information on 02 33 57 11 49.

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Dates and times

    • Wednesday 13 March 2024 from 19h30
  • Access and location


    Théâtre de Saint-Lô
    Rue Octave Feuillet
    50000 SAINT-LO


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    Théâtre Saint-Lô > "Track"