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Théâtre Saint-Lô > "Tout est dans la voix"

Join us on March 29 at 8.30pm at the Saint-Lô theater for the show "Tout est dans la voix" with Marianne James.

A great singing lesson: the iconic Marianne James invites audiences to a unique and entertaining show about the voice. With her sunny charisma, generous personality and now-familiar face, she has been a force to be reckoned with for the past twenty years, equally at home on television and on stage. In this solo, she traces the evolution of singing from the caves of Lascaux to Céline Dion, and also loosens the audience?s vocal cords. There are those who know how to sing and those who don't, those who think they know and those who don't know they know. Because we all dream of singing beautifully, it's time to seize a rare opportunity: to dare to sing under the watchful eye of a dream teacher. More than a musical show or a lecture on singing, she offers us an encounter! Hers, and ours, with our voices.

Singing is a way of revealing your soul. Marianne James opens the doors of her heart and gives us an extraordinary experience!

By and with Marianne James
Photos: ©Frédéric Carestia.

Running time 1h20 - For all audiences (age 10 and up)

Online ticketing or information on 02 33 57 11 49.

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  • Cultural
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Dates and times

    • Friday 29 March 2024 from 20h30
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    Théâtre de Saint-Lô
    Rue Octave Feuillet
    50000 SAINT-LO


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