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Théâtre Saint-Lô > "Les yeux fermés..."

Join us on April 19 at 8.30pm at the Saint-Lô theater for the show "Les yeux fermés..." with the S'poart company.

For Les Yeux fermés..., choreographer Mickaël Le Mer draws inspiration from the world of painter Pierre Soulages, a master of the color black made famous by his monochrome canvases known as "Outrenoir". What fascinates him in these works is above all the way light reflects and comes to life on the material. The black of Pierre Soulages also recalls the black of the stage lit by spotlights. In this way, Mickaël Le Mer transforms the stage into a universe where light is reflected on the set, on the costumes and on the moving bodies of the dancers. With Les Yeux fermés? he continues his exploration of multi-influenced hip hop. The 8 dancers start out in the dark to seek out the light. Little by little, it takes possession of the stage, the bodies reveal themselves, the vibrations and reflections interact with the movements, right up to the final apotheosis in which brilliance floods the stage and the hall, in a celebration of life and joy, in communion with the audience.

Choreography: Mickaël Le Mer
Assistant choreographer: Lise Dusuel
Dancers: Wifried Ebongue Moungui, Dara You, Audrey Lambert, Jeanne Azoulay, Teddy Verardo, Agnès Salés Martin, Fanny Bouddavong, Elie Tremblay
Lighting designer: Nicolas Tallec
Stage managers: William Languillat, David Normand
Set designer: Guillaume Cousin
Soundtrack: David Charrier
Costume design: Elodie Gaillard
Outside view Laurent Brethome
photos : ©DR.

Running time 1 hr 10 mins - For all audiences (from age 10).

Online ticketing or information on 02 33 57 11 49.

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Dates and times

    • Friday 19 April 2024
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    Théâtre de Saint-Lô
    Rue Octave Feuillet
    50000 SAINT-LO


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    Théâtre Saint-Lô > "Les yeux fermés..."