Théâtre Saint-Lô (hors les murs) > "Sous l'arbre"

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Théâtre Saint-Lô (hors les murs) > "Sous l'arbre"

Join us on June 4 at 3pm and 7:30pm at Saint-Lô's "La Source" media library for the children's show "Sous l'arbre" with the "À demain mon amour" company.

A contemplative and sensitive break for very young spectators.

What happens under a tree? Who lives there? Who do we meet? On opposite sides of the tree, two people spend a moment in nature. They don't know each other, and constantly miss each other, until they swap places and go around the tree. In the tree, they meet puppet animals, observe them and play with them. The tree, the third character, lives its life as a tree at its own pace, feeling its branches dance in the wind and bask in the light.
The Compagnie À demain mon amour invites us to contemplate, and lets the little ones experience autonomy. In this space, the adult has the opportunity to see the child in a different setting, from a different point of view, in direct contact with his or her emotions?

Directed by Guillaume Hunout
Performance: Mila Baleva and Pierre Tual
Set design: Guillaume Hunout assisted by Mila Baleva and Pierre Tual
Construction: Claire Chautemps Puppets: Paulina Borisova and Pierre Tual
Music: Guillaume Hunout
Photos: ©Mi-Laine.

Running time 25 minutes - All audiences (6 months to 4 years)

Online ticketing or information on 02 33 57 11 49.

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Dates and times

    • Tuesday 04 June 2024
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    Théâtre Roger Ferdinand
    Place du Champ-de-Mars
    50000 SAINT-LO


    Théâtre Roger Ferdinand

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    Théâtre Saint-Lô (hors les murs) > "Sous l'arbre"