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Théâtre Saint-Lô > "Château faible"

Join us on December 12 at 7:30pm at the Saint-Lô theater for the show "Château faible" with the "L'averse" company.

Following Voyagers and Panorama (presented in Saint-Lô), this solo by Cécilia Emmenegger is the 3rd creation by the l?Averse company. Tackling questions of the cosmos, power relations and gender are all gateways to questioning our own identity. Opening on a field of ruins, a figure in armor emerges from the rubble to tell us his story. Over the course of the seasons and the metamorphosis of the scenography, with a narrative that begins in summer and ends in spring, we follow the emotional journey of the character who, against all odds, finally asserts himself in the eyes of the world. Deep-rooted gender stereotypes are at the heart of childhood fictions and games. Here, no gender is assigned to the main character, to give every child the chance to recognize himself or herself. Wishing to avoid proselytizing, Cécilia Emmenegger and Matthieu Coulon Faudemer will attempt, through Château faible, to leave this question open to everyone.

Performance: Cécilia Emmenegger
Direction and choreography: Cécilia Emmenegger and Matthieu Coulon Faudemer
Text: Amandine Dhée
Lighting: Marie Hardy
Set design: Céline Perrigon Sound: Yohann Allex
Costumes: Yolène Guais
Illustration: ©Matthieu Coulon Faudemer.

Running time: 7:30 p.m. - All audiences (ages 8 and up)

Online ticketing or information on 02 33 57 11 49.

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Dates and times

    • Tuesday 12 December 2023 from 19h30
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    Théâtre de Saint-Lô
    Rue Octave Feuillet
    50000 SAINT-LO


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