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Théatre : "Le Beau Monde"

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Théatre : "Le Beau Monde"

This play on the frontiers of anticipation invites us to take part in a ritual as strange as it is poetic: resurrecting and transmitting the memory of the 21st century.

The year is 2323, and from generation to generation, actors and actresses orally transmit the memories and traces of the 21st century. In a ritual with the audience that takes place every sixty years, they share this archaeology of our present. What is a kiss? A show of hands? A soccer match? What do the gestures, customs and habits that populate our daily lives today tell us about ourselves, without us even noticing?
The 3 actors propose a kind of dictionary in which our world is sketched out in dotted lines. It's spellbinding, profound and light, poetic and funny. It's as if these gestures and habits, so common today, seemed astonishing to our distant descendants.

Jury Prize at Festival Impatience 2023!

Rendezvous at Salle Max Pol Fouchet.
Running time 1hr 15mins - For all audiences aged 15 and over.

Le Trident, scène nationale de Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, offers the public of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and Nord-Cotentin the chance to discover the richness and diversity of contemporary creation. Whether in theater, dance, music or circus. This multi-disciplinary program runs seasonally from October to June. Le Trident has 3 theaters: l'Italienne, la Butte and le Vox. Le Trident also offers off-site programming.

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  • Cultural
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    • Saturday 17 February 2024 from 20h00
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    Le Trident, scène nationale de Cherbourg-en-Cotentin
    46 Rue Maréchal Foch


    Le Trident, scène nationale de Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

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