Spectacle "Tant bien que mal"

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Spectacle "Tant bien que mal"

As part of the "La Manche met les villes en scène" festival, join us at the Salle Le Métronome in Canisy (Saint-Ebremond-de-Bonfossé) for the show "Tant bien que mal".

The worst thing would be for us not to be able to laugh or talk about it.

Comedienne Marie-Magdeleine creates here her third opus, after "La famille vient en mangeant" and "G.R.A.I.N Histoires de fous". Playing the many members of a sibling family, Marie-Magdeleine excels in bringing to life the delicate, fragile and complex bonds that bind a family together.
In Tant bien que mal, the siblings have just lost one of their own. A death that, like a birth, surprises, shakes up the whole clan and changes the order of things. Keep on living, when you no longer have the strength. Keep looking at the horizon, when you've lost your sight. To get up again, when you've lost your balance. And live on, as best you can?

Accompanied for the first time by a musician on stage, the actress carries the voices of the dead and the living, interweaving laughter and tears, sorrow and joy, ever more intimately. A hymn to life, which brings out the beauty in the midst of drama, while always remaining funny.

Writing and acting: Marie-Magdeleine.
Drums: Nicolas Girardi.

Running time: 1h25 - For all audiences (age 12 and up).

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  • Base rate 9€
  • Reduced rate 4€

Dates and times

    • Tuesday 07 November 2023 from 20h30
  • Access and location


    Saint-Lô Agglo
    109 Rue du Coquillot
    50750 CANISY


    Saint-Lô Agglo

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