Spectacle "L'incroyable histoire de Mme F"

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Spectacle "L'incroyable histoire de Mme F"

As part of the "La Manche met les villes en scène" festival, join us at the Théâtre des Halles in Tessy-Bocage for the show "L'incroyable histoire de Mme F" by the Compagnie du Dagor.

Score for 7 voices and nothing else.

A new creation by Compagnie du Dagor, L?incroyable histoire banale de Madame F. is the story of an ordinary woman born in the 1960s, who, like everyone else, had to make courageous choices in her life.

Carried by seven voices on stage, in a set simply inhabited by a few meticulously chosen objects, the life of one woman unfolds before our eyes in the form of tableaux.

Songs, stories and dialogues follow one another to bring this Madame F. to life, from her childhood in her mother?s hairdressing salon, her studies to become a nurse, her car accident, to her great love affair with Monsieur G.

With its musical comedy airs, this ordinary story takes us along with Madame F. on a train of emotions big and small, between laughter and tears.

Concept: Julien Bonnet.
Artistic direction: Cie du Dagor.
Musical direction: Christophe Grapperon.
Text: Thomas Gornet and Les Filles de l?air.
With : Florence Andrieu, Nadine Béchade, Marie Blondel,
Alexandra Courquet, Christophe Grapperon,
Isabelle Monier-Esquis, Sandrine Nobileau.
Set design: Julien Bonnet and Samuel Bourdeix.
Lighting and stage management: Samuel Bourdeix.
Costumes: Sarah Leterrier.
Set construction: Fred Marcon.

Running time: 1h15 - For all audiences (14 years and over).

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Dates and times

    • Tuesday 09 April 2024 from 20h30
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    Saint-Lô Agglo
    6 Place Jean-Claude Lemoine
    50420 TESSY-BOCAGE


    Saint-Lô Agglo

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