Spectacle "La première fois"

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Spectacle "La première fois"

As part of the "La Manche met les villes en scène" festival, join us at the Théâtre des Halles in Tessy-Bocage for the show "La première fois".

Two clowns question our origins, in an intense and disconcerting lecture.

Ruth and Étienne Palin, husband and wife, present their very first lecture on the theme of Adam and Eve.

Together, they create paradise as they imagine it, among coconut palms and snow-capped mountains. But the story of the mythical couple catches up with them. In front of an audience, Ruth and Étienne are confronted with everything they are to each other.
This first time overwhelms them with emotion, and the conference goes off the rails. They lose themselves in the fantastical Garden of Eden, and can no longer find their place between the characters of Adam and Eve, their role as lecturers and their relationship as a couple.

Peculiarities, theological ravings and frivolous acrobatics illustrate their sometimes disjointed, often truculent, message. If they can't teach you more about the mysteries of Creation, the mythical couple of Genesis provide an implacable demonstration of the fragility of the human race.

From and starring : Claire Dosso and Guillaume Mitonneau.
Stage direction: Paola Rizza.
Lighting design: Mars Flichy.

Running time: 1 hr 10 min. - For all audiences (7 years and up).

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  • Base rate 9€
  • Child rate 4€

Dates and times

    • Tuesday 21 November 2023 from 20h30
  • Access and location


    Saint-Lô Agglo
    6 Place Jean-Claude Lemoine
    50420 TESSY-BOCAGE


    Saint-Lô Agglo

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