Spectacle "La métamorphose des cigognes"

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Spectacle "La métamorphose des cigognes"

As part of the "La Manche met les villes en scène" festival, join us at the Théâtre des Halles in Tessy-Bocage for the show "La métamorphose des cigognes" by and starring Marc Arnaud.

A funny, moving and singular look at an intimate experience.

La métamorphose des cigognes is the violent yet light-hearted story of a man trapped between four walls, faced with an empty beaker. For an hour, this man tries to follow the protocol without which his project will never see the light of day: making a child by in vitro fertilization. When the time comes, the father-to-be is plagued by doubts: how did I get here? Do I really want to have a child?

Marc Arnaud poeticizes a more than trivial situation, turning the sordid surroundings into the fantasy land of his imagination.

A deeply moving, delicate and eminently funny play, in which Marc Arnaud brilliantly plays all the roles. A singular piece of writing and finely crafted performance, awarded the Molière 2022 for best "seul en scène".

Writing and acting: Marc Arnaud.
Stage direction: Benjamin Guillard.
Lighting design: François Leneveu.

Running time: 1h - For all audiences (age 14 and up).

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Dates and times

    • Wednesday 14 February 2024 from 20h30
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    Saint-Lô Agglo
    6 Place Jean-Claude Lemoine
    50420 TESSY-BOCAGE


    Saint-Lô Agglo

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