Saison 2024 : Excursion vers les Ecréhou à bord de la Neire Mâove

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Saison 2024 : Excursion vers les Ecréhou à bord de la Neire Mâove

Come aboard the Neire Mâove (the black seagull in Norman dialect), a 5-sail schooner rig, certified as a Bateau d?Intérêt Patrimonial, for a unique experience!

Set course for Les Ecréhou, a small Anglo-Norman archipelago of islands and rocks in the English Channel. Submerged by high tide, most of these islets are uninhabitable, giving the excursion its wild and unique character.
The archipelago is home to grey seals, sea calves and, further offshore, bottlenose dolphins, porpoises and common dolphins.
The main islands of the archipelago are :
- Maîtresse Île: the largest, home to the ruins of a chapel and priory,
- Marmotière: with a handful of houses packed close together, and the official Customs House with the Union Jack flying at the top
- Blanche Île: linked to Marmotière by a sandbank nearly 100m long, submersible at high tide and forming a vast peninsula at low tide.

The captain of the Neire Mâove and his first mate will share with you their pleasure of sailing aboard an exceptional boat. Whether you take part in the maneuvers or just observe them, this excursion is all about discovery and sharing maritime traditions.

maximum 20 passengers, passport required.

Children aged 4 and over welcome, but please bring something to keep them occupied during the cruise: games, coloring, reading, etc.

Pets are not allowed on board.

Day trips require good physical condition. In case of doubt, we strongly advise you to meet the crew on board the schooner in the port of Carteret to check the conditions of access to the old rig, before making your reservation.

The course is subject to weather conditions and the number of participants. In the event of cancellation, the Tourist Office team will contact you to offer a refund or reschedule.

Type of events

  • Nautical events


  • Discovery
  • Nature
  • Heritage


  • Adult rate 85€
  • Child rate 40€

Dates and times

    • From 01 May 2024 to 30 September 2024
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    Access and location


    Promenade J. Barbey d'Aurevilly


    Association Vieux Gréement en Côte des Isles

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