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Initiation au Brain Gym

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Initiation au Brain Gym

Discovery course - introduction to the 26 Brain Gym movements
BRAIN GYM movements help to :
- Improve motor coordination
- Restore body awareness
- Regain and/or maintain balance: prevent falls
- Improve reading, writing and manual skills
- Promote concentration, communication, listening to oneself and others
- Relieve stress (apprehension in the face of a new situation, anxiety)
- Maintain autonomy in everyday tasks
- Stimulate memory

ideal if you wish to use Brain Gym® movements in your daily life, whether for yourself, your students, your children, your patients, your friends, etc

Type of events

  • Initiations / Workshops / Training


  • Adult rate 25€

Dates and times

    • Sunday 03 December 2023 from 14h00 to 17h00
  • Access and location


    Rébecca Kinésiologie
    62A Rue Gambetta
    50200 COUTANCES


    Rébecca Kinésiologie

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