Exposition "Mathissime !" - Planétarium Ludiver

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Exposition "Mathissime !" - Planétarium Ludiver

This is your chance to get to grips with maths again, as the exhibition is designed for fun and games! For young and old alike?
No prerequisites, just come as you are!
Play, even when it's serious! What if participants rediscovered maths in a fun and interactive way?
In the "Toolbox", participants rediscover the logicomathematical structures that underpin their thinking and reasoning. Testing, manipulating and comparing will enable them to make sense of what they have learned. What a pleasure to understand while having fun!
Geometry, logic, theorem demonstrations, statistics or probabilities, when it's time for the "Récréation Mathématique", participants experience fundamental mathematical concepts in a fun and concrete way.
For schools and families aged 6 and over.

? Objectives :
- Make mathematics accessible and familiar again.
- Exercise and evaluate attention, observation, perseverance, logic and reasoning skills.
- Playfully manipulate and experiment with fundamental mathematical concepts.

? Sequence :
Choose an exhibition area between :
? The toolbox: school desks to experiment with the tools of mathematical thinking in a playful way.
? Mathematical recreation: geometry, logic, theorem demonstrations - maths you can manipulate!
Complete with one of the following workshops:
? "Du rififi dans la prairie": Sumerian, Egyptian or Roman shepherds, a game to compare the denumeration systems used throughout history by different civilizations.
? Chinese calculator: write a number, add, subtract, multiply, divide. A workshop to learn how to count with an abacus and discover a simple yet powerful machine!

Conditions of access :
During our opening hours, including a visit to our museography, without reservation.
Museography only: 4.60/adult and 3.10/child or reduced rate
Museography + planetarium session: 8.80?adult and 6.70?/child or reduced rate.
Reservations recommended for planetarium only.

Type of events

  • Cultural
  • Exhibitions


  • Discovery

Dates and times

    • From 06 April 2024 to 03 November 2024
  • Access and location


    1700 rue de la Libération
    50460 LA HAGUE


    Planétarium Ludiver

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    Exposition "Mathissime !" - Planétarium Ludiver