Exposition « Ecouter les arbres » - Manoir du Tourp

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Exposition « Ecouter les arbres » - Manoir du Tourp

Outdoor exhibition of photos by Olivier Marchesi
"The forest is a magical place where air and water are purified and where wood is produced, this beautiful material so necessary to life and today, to the survival of men. Only art, like its photographic expression, can express to the greatest number of people all the virtues of plants. Each tree is a living representation of the functioning of life, and the forest, a pure natural world that sustains life on earth (?) Today, the question arises: will the forest survive and what will be the consequences for humans? The artist's message, with its universal significance, is more necessary than ever to contribute to modifying our behavior in order to avoid a possible sixth extinction of life on earth Jean-François Jacquet, owner of the Bois de Beaumont.
For weeks, the photographer Olivier Marchesi surveyed the Bois de Beaumont, in the Hague, a true haven of beauty and biodiversity, yet little known. He also put his photographic eye on other natural sites in the area, always with the desire to make the trees speak and, above all, to make us understand them. Thanks to the choice of black and white, it is the quintessence of nature that is expressed. Poetic, descriptive or scientific texts accompany the 40 photos in very large format.

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Dates and times

    • From 08 April 2023 to 05 November 2023
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    Manoir du Tourp espace culturel
    Manoir du Tourp
    50440 LA HAGUE


    Manoir du Tourp espace culturel

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    Exposition « Ecouter les arbres » - Manoir du Tourp