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Dessin / musique / vidéo : "Antichambre"

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Dessin / musique / vidéo : "Antichambre"

All summer long, locked away in his maid?s room, a man is hard at work on his computer when he finds a photo of himself as a child, holding a butterfly in his hand.
Thanks to this photo, he reconnects with the observation and wonder that were buried deep inside him.
Feeling the wind, observing the clouds and surrendering himself to daydreaming. He flies over the Amazon, dives into the abyss, meets chimerical creatures and falls in love.
His imaginary journeys sometimes intrigue him, sometimes move him, often fill him with wonder, but above all transform him forever.

But what virtuosity! The duo use felt-tip pens, ink, charcoal, fingers, sand, chalk and paintbrushes to create a show that comes to life on stage. They use drawing, musical instruments, various projection techniques, cameras, cranks, water, props and shadows? And the show is for everyone, young and old, from pictorial poetry to absurdist gags.

A Trident co-production!
Running time: 1 hour
Audience: All ages 8 and up.

Le Trident, scène nationale de Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, invites audiences in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and Nord-Cotentin to discover the richness and diversity of contemporary creation. Whether in theater, dance, music or circus. This multi-disciplinary program runs seasonally from October to June. Le Trident has 3 theaters: l'Italienne, la Butte and le Vox. It also programs outside its walls.

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  • Shows, music and theatre


  • Discovery


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Dates and times

    • Friday 23 February 2024 from 19h30
  • Access and location


    Le Trident, scène nationale de Cherbourg-en-Cotentin
    Place du Général de Gaulle


    Le Trident, scène nationale de Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

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    Dessin / musique / vidéo : "Antichambre"