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Conférence Altaïr > "Le tour du monde en courant"

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Conférence Altaïr > "Le tour du monde en courant"

Join us at the Archives Départementales de la Manche on April 3 for the Altaïr conference "Le tour du monde en courant" - A film by James Balhi.

Jamel Balhi is the first man to run around the world. In his report, the globe-trotter takes us on a journey across the continents he has been criss-crossing on foot for over twenty years, and shares with us the encounters that have marked his route. Jamel Balhi has crossed 205 countries on foot, at a human pace of 12 km/h. Starting in France, he reached the most inaccessible places on earth, including the remotest corners of Tibet, Latin America and Australia. Daily stages of around 70 km take in the landscapes, villages and faces of the world. With only a small rucksack on his back for assistance, and a daily budget of ? 3 to ? 4, each day he continues on the road that takes him from country to country, meeting new people as he goes along

Film summary :

"A Day Around the World" is an audiovisual projection that takes us on a journey around the world. From France to China, via southern Africa, Latin America and Scandinavia, Jamel Balhi reveals a world that, through its contrasts, reveals its undeniable unity. Beyond cultural divides, we see similarities in a world that is globalizing at dizzying speed. The Earth?s most beautiful landscapes, from Bolivia?s Salar de Uyuni to Australia?s deserts and Patagonia, are awe-inspiring. Jamel Balhi has climbed some of the world's highest passes in the Himalayas, after criss-crossing the sacred lands of the Middle East. Jamel Balhi shares with us, not without a sense of humor, the difficulties of the road as well as the joys of meeting new people and following his path every day.

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Dates and times

    • Wednesday 03 April 2024 from 14h30
  • Access and location


    Archives départementales de la Manche
    103 Rue du Maréchal Juin
    50000 SAINT-LO


    Archives départementales de la Manche

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