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Conférence Altaïr > "La terre en marche"

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Conférence Altaïr > "La terre en marche"

Join us at the archives départementales de la Manche on January 15 for the Altaïr conference "La terre en marche" - a film by Sabine and Jérôme Bergami.

Jérôme and Sabina Bergami are a Franco-Romanian couple. Respectively writer/publisher and translator/hostess, they are both frequent travelers, lecturers and founders of the association La Terre en Marche. Jérôme was born near Paris in 1974, to a mother from Brittany and a father of Italian origin.
Sabina is a native of Transylvania, where she was born in 1979 at the foot of the Càlimani mountains. Since 2008, they have been working together on a multi-disciplinary project that combines literature and journalism, pedagogy and spirituality, and sporting challenges. The Hors-Voyages book collection (Ed. du J.B.), which they co-direct, bears witness to twenty years of adventure and field experience in different parts of the globe.

Film summary:

6000 kilometers on foot along two thousand-year-old routes, the Via Egnatia and the Silk Road: two years of adventure, from Marco Polo's birthplace in Venice to the Kyrgyz-Chinese border.

From culture to culture, from people to people, from man to man, we walk, the land of five continents hanging from our belts in two leather purses. In every country we cross, we organize land exchange ceremonies: we offer the earth of the world to the people, who in return place the earth of their country, of their history, in our purses.

Flesh in the encounter. Roots in the bond. Gratuitousness in the gesture. Spirituality along the way.

La Terre en Marche: initiation to the journey, learning about people.

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Dates and times

    • Monday 15 January 2024 from 14h30
  • Access and location


    Archives départementales de la Manche
    103 Rue du Maréchal Juin
    50000 SAINT-LO


    Archives départementales de la Manche

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    Conférence Altaïr > "La terre en marche"