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Conférence Altaïr > "Éthiopie, au coeur de l'Abyssinie"

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Conférence Altaïr > "Éthiopie, au coeur de l'Abyssinie"

Join us at the Archives Départementales de la Manche on February 5 for the Altaïr conference "Ethiopia, in the heart of Abyssinia"- A film by Olivier Bourguet and Frédéric Furnelle.

Frédéric Furnelle...

Sound engineer and photographer. He has been working in the sound industry for over 20 years, and has produced a number of soundtracks for feature films, short films, documentaries, TV series and video installations
He has also produced 3 conferences/reports using still images and sound.
This is his first film.

Olivier Bourguet...
Photographer, lecturer and author, Olivier has published 4 books to date, on a variety of countries. His passion remains Ethiopia, where he has been called upon to accompany trips since 2007. Now considered the destination?s French-speaking specialist by travel agencies, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the country, which he is always ready to share...

Film summary :

On the night of January 6 to 7, Christian Ethiopia is abuzz with excitement for "Genna", the Ethiopian Christmas.
In the weeks leading up to this night, pilgrims from all 4 corners of the country set out for Lalibela: the Ethiopian Jerusalem, where this Christmas celebration is at its most grandiose.
To witness this faith first-hand, Frédéric and Olivier set off from the northern flank of the Simien Mountains National Park... Twenty-three days of walking await them, through a parade of high mountains, hills and areas of surprising vegetation.
For Frédéric, this is his first trip there, while Olivier has logged 35. For one, the beauty of the country is a revelation, for the other, the confirmation of an unfailing love. Both have a passion for hiking, the mountains and meeting new people.

While Olivier brings all his knowledge to the story, Frédéric brings a more novice point of view, with a natural self-mockery. While fatigue and thirst take their toll, they get through the ordeals with a sense of humor. As they walk through breathtaking, remote landscapes, we discover with them the generosity of their hosts. We accompany them, agnostics as they are, on their strange pilgrimage, only to feel ourselves shaken by the surrounding spirituality. The emotion reaches us, imperceptibly, even before we reach Lalibela.

Note of intent :

This film was an accident! Olivier needed images for his new book, and Frédéric came along to assist him and shoot some video footage. After a few minutes' walk, surrounded by nature in all its glory, it became clear to them that they had to bear witness to the experience they were about to embark on.
So they began filming, to combat the clichés that surround Ethiopia with a negative haze, and share the fantastic welcome they received, in the heart of a faith that moves mountains... Now, with the film finished, Frédéric and Olivier take us to another Ethiopia: varied, mountainous, Christian and welcoming. Very welcoming! A fine slap in the face of prejudice, an ode to the beauty of a proud people.

This film has already won 7 awards at international travel film festivals (Estonia, Italy, France, Bulgaria and Bangladesh)

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Dates and times

    • Monday 05 February 2024 from 14h30
  • Access and location


    Archives départementales de la Manche
    103 Rue du Maréchal Juin
    50000 SAINT-LO


    Archives départementales de la Manche

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