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Concert > Zaho de Sagazan

As part of the "Les Rendez-vous Soniques" festival, join us on November 3 at Saint-Lô's "Le Normandy" venue for a concert by Zaho de Sagazan (+ opening act).

Zaho is THE sensation of the new French pop scene. After her first concerts, opening for Stromae, she released her debut album La Symphonie des Éclairs at the end of March. In it, she tackles contemporary love problems in a simple, raw and accurate way. In addition to her naturally atypical timbre, Zaho de Zagazan is unique in the way she uses her voice: diction mastered to perfection, low and high registers, extensive use of reverb and vocoder effects.

With her immeasurable stage presence, Zaho de Zagazan holds us, unfiltered, and stirs our souls with her magnetism and striking naturalness.

Rest assured, you won't escape unscathed!

The "Rendez-vous Soniques" festival is organized by Normandy , Scène de Musiques ACtuelles and supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Normandy Region, the Conseil départemental de la Manche, the Ville de Saint-Lô and Saint-Lô Agglo.

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Dates and times

    • Friday 03 November 2023 from 20h30
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    Place du Champ-de-Mars
    50000 SAINT-LO

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    Concert > Zaho de Sagazan