There are many remains of fortifications built from the 17th to the 20th century along the coast of la Manche.

Important works have survived, such as the dams and forts of Cherbourg harbour, or the Vauban towers of La Hougue and Tatihou. Along the coast, there are also several guardhouses, cabins, small forts... these were used by customs to keep watch over the coast and find smugglers. The “cabanes Vauban” or “vigies” were lookouts built along the West Coast. “Cabane Vauban” in Carolles is one of the most popular areas of the resort. The view from the lookout is extremely beautiful!
During the Second World War defensive fortifications were also scattered in the department: for example, the battery of Azzeville or that of Crisbecq, vestiges of the Atlantic Wall.

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