The cliffs of Gréville-Hague, Castel Vendon… the cliffs of la Hague were much enjoyed by the painter Jean-François Millet and are the ideal starting point for a hike along the coastal path.

Having walked through the hamlet Laye, you will reach a spot offering exceptional views over the bay of Ecalgrain. A little further in the distance is the phenomenal Nez de Jobourg (literally translated the “nose” of Jobourg): a headland with cliffs that are at their highest point 128 meters above sea level: the highest in Normandy and among the highest in Europe. Nez de Jobourg is very distinctive: it stretches into the water, dominating the sea and gives one the feeling of standing at the very edge of the world.


Nez de Jobourg


Shores and moors of la Hague


At the heart of a Natura 2000 site, the granite cliffs of Jobourg and Voidries provide a spot from which you can enjoy fantastic views over the Channel Islands and the coves and rocky outcrops below.

Le sentier des douaniers: a coastal path


The coastal path offers stunning views as it winds along the coastline of la Manche, from the bay of Mont Saint-Michel to the Cotentin marshlands. The path got its name “sentier des douaniers” because customs (“douaniers” in French) used it to spot frequent smugglers transporting merchandise between the continent and the islands.


Nez de Jobourg