A favourite port of call for cruise-liners, the city welcomed visitors in the transatlantic harbour station, built in 1933 in the art-deco style.


Cherbourg saw, during half a century, thousands of immigrants boarding for the New World.  Stars also embarked here for New-York:  Charlie Chaplin, Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Salvador Dali... From art to nature, you will find in Cherbourg multiple opportunities to enlighten your stay:  the Thomas Henry Museum, the former Royal mirror-glass factory, the heights of the Roule mountain (117 metres), the sea views from  the “Hauts de Capel” park…




The largest artificial harbour in the world


Created during the 18th Century, the artificial harbour of Cherbourg is a remarkable ensemble of military architecture (1500 hectares). The fortifications shelter the city as well as its military activities, the port of commerce, the fishing port, the marina and the ferry terminal.


Jardins et parcs


The chateau of Ravalet, the park of Museum Emmanuel Liais and the public garden are all examples of the town’s botanical assets. Cherbourg bears the signs of a tradition dating back to maritime expeditions, when explorers returned from far reached lands with exotic plant species.


Parc Emmanuel Liais - M-Lerouge/PAT Cotentin


The Emmanuel Liais museum


Take a step back in time and visit the botanical park and museum of natural history, archaeology and ethnography of the 19th Century.


Coulours and scents in the Ravalet garden


Somewhere between an English garden and a garden “à la française”, the park of the Ravalet château is an ideal spot for a romantic stroll in Cotentin. The property (18 hectares) also boasts a beautiful 19th Century rotunda greenhouse.


La Cité de la Mer


Situated in the old transatlantic harbour station of Cherbourg, La Cité de la Mer is a scientific theme park devoted to human adventure under the sea. The submarine “le Redoutable” is open to visitors. Explore the planet's last wild territory with 3 floors of multimedia exhibits and 17 dazzling aquariums in the new permanent exhibition, "The Ocean of the Future". Relive the last hours of the Titanic, the legendary liner that made a stop in Cherbourg on 10 April 1912. Take a virtual tour to the bottom of the ocean and discover sea life in the abyssal aquarium...


La Cité de la Mer - François Dourlen


1944: Cherbourg 1st port in Europe


Liberated on 26th June 1944, the port of Cherbourg remained, until the end of the war, the first port in Europe and a strategic point for resupplying. At the top of the Roule “mountain”, which concealed in its bowels a strategic military site, the Musée de la Liberation settled in the Fort du Roule retraces World War II events in Cherbourg.