Overlooking the dunes of Hatainville, the rocky outcrops of Carteret headland offer exceptional views over the Channel Islands.

On the rocky plateau, the gorse-covered moors welcome Dartford warblers, ravens and peregrine falcons. Around the lighthouse, dry stone walls (recently restored, as part of a preservation scheme) safely guide the footsteps of visitors along the cliffs of the “Côte des Isles”.


Cap Carteret


The dunes of Hatainville


Between the headlands of Carteret and le Rozel, the dunes of Hatainville rise at 60 metres, covering cliffs that are over 70,000 years old. Vegetation grows in tiers, from sea level to the top of the dunes. A variety of rare species dress the dunes with colours, changing with the seasons: blue sea lime grass, yellow and brown early spider orchids, purple wild thyme and bright pink pyramidal orchids...


The Canville fresco


The 16th Century frescos where discovered in 1982, when the whitewash was removed from the ceiling of Canville-la-Rocque chapel. It depicts the story of three German pilgrims on the road to Santiago de Compostela.


Cap Carteret


The beach huts of Carteret


Pretty white and blue beach huts can be found on the beach of la Potinière, in Carteret. Unfortunately, gale force winds often cause damage to our beloved beach cabins.