Spending your holiday in Normandy, in la Manche ? It’s time to go off to the beach ! And they are numerous in la Manche ! Long sandy beaches or hidden creeks, the choice is yours…


Sunbathing, racket games, sand castles, beach volley, swimming, watersports or wind-powered activities... At any age, the coast of Normandy is the ideal place for spending some time relaxing or having fun during your holiday.



Because safety is so important, many beaches of la Manche have implemented the blue flag programme.

Among those is the beach of Carolles, bordered by the cliffs of Champeaux. Just above the beautiful beach is the coastal path. The long sandy beach calls for leisurely walks and building sand castles.


Cabane Vauban by Maxime Coquard

If it is stunning views you are after, don’t hesitate and set off for the beach of Dragey-Ronthon. Mont Saint-Michel and its bay will offer a great spectacle from your beach towel!


plage mont saint michel

For those in search of a quiet little creek, the Chausey archipelago and its 365 islets is the dream place!  An hour off the harbour of Granville by boat, the main island offers 6 hidden sandy beaches while the islets provide many lagoons with turquoise water.



If you are looking for a lively resort, Agon-Coutainville is definitely the place for you!

With its restaurants, bars, ice cream parlours and shops, Coutainville is one of the oldest seaside resort in la Manche.
A  4 km promenade stretches along the coastline to le Passous. From there visitors can reach the tip of Agon and its lighthouse by the beach.


Another beautiful beach where you may need to zigzag between sand castles is the beach of Barneville-Carteret.

Benefiting from the award  « Famille Plus » - just like the seaside resorts of Agon-Coutainville and Hauteville-sur-Mer, you are guaranteed a fun-filled break with your family.

beach club is also available for the enjoyment of children.

The beach of Barneville is sheltered by the Cape of Carteret and is bordered by pretty white and blue beach cabins.



The coastline around Granville is also very attractive.

In Bréville-sur-Mer, you won’t even have to move from your beach towel to enjoy the spectacle of model airplanes flying in the sky; the club is a stone’s throw away.

In Donville-les-Bains, you can dive in the sea-water swimming pool, heated by the sun.

In Granville, you can go for a swim even at low tide in the retention pool which was used in the 1960’s by students taking their swimming exams.
You can also they take a stroll along the Plat Gousset which overlooks the beach, and walk up the stairs to the Christian Dior garden. From there the view of the Chausey islands is breathtaking.



The coastline of the east side of the peninsula is equally attractive.

Utah Beach, which saw the landing of Allies in 1944, is a historical site but also an ideal beach for the practice of sand-yachting.

The south-facing beach of Jonville  offers a beautiful view over the island of Tatihou.



 If you enjoy photography, you can take beautiful pictures of the beach cabins in Gouville-sur-Mer !

This lovely sandy beach is the ideal place for trying yourself at rockpooling or visiting the oyster beds aboard a horse-drawn carriage.

Pretty beach cabins with their brightly coloured roofs dating back to the early 20th Century add their colourful touch to the dunes bordering the beach.


Plage Gouville Normandie


In the Cotentin peninsula, the cove of Sciotot stretches over 4 km, offering surfers and sand-yachting enthusiasts a little corner of paradise! Thanks to the sailing club (Centre d'Activités Voile et Vent) these activities are accessible to all.

A play area is also open to children, and entertainment and sports tournaments are organised during the summer. There’s something for the whole family !


Plage Vauville Normandie


Among the most beautiful beaches of the Cotentin, is the Cove of Vauville and its 11 km stretch of sandy beach. It is the ideal spot for water and windsports enthusiasts.


Plages Siouville Normandie