Barneville-Carteret and the “Côte des Îles”

From the Cape of Carteret, overlooking the sea, the view is breathtaking! The Channel Islands appear in the distance: the Ecréhous, Jersey, Guernesey.


From there you can reach the dunes of Hatainville… ideal spot for a picnic. Carteret, with its “belle époque” villas, is a pleasant destination for walks and outings with family and friends. On the other side of the harbour, in the village of Barneville, the charming Saturday morning market offers fresh local products. From Barneville-Carteret, you can also reach the Channel Islands – on a sailing boat or a ferry: Aurigny, Guernesey, Sercq et Jersey, the choice is yours!


Other interesting sites along the coast near Carteret

The beach cabins of Carteret


When sea bathing became popular in the late 19th Century, hotels and villas flourished along the beach of Barneville and on the heights of Carteret, combining elegance with typical seaside architecture. On the beach of la Potinière, in Carteret, pretty white and blue beach cabins sit on the sand.



From the cape to the dunes


Above the beach of Carteret, a path follows the coast, running along the headland of Carteret, to the North. As you reach the semaphore, a new landscape appears: the dunes of Hatainville, rising at 60 metres above sea level. Along the path, you will discover the ruins of a church dedicated to Saint-Germain-le-Scot who evangelized inhabitants in Cotentin during the 5th Century.


The dunes of Hatainville


The dunes of Hatainville are part of the dune field of Baubigny, and rise at 80 metres. This 1.5 kilometre strip of land along the coast is an important piece of local biological, historical and cultural heritage.


The coastal path of Carteret


This portion of the coastal path links Carteret beach to the “beach of the old church” (plage de la Vieille Eglise). The path offers beautiful views over the Channel Islands. In the 18th Century, it was used by Customs officers to watch over the coast and spot smugglers arriving from the islands. At the top of the cliff, the remains of a coastal battery can be seen: the battery was built in 1745, during the war of the Austrian succession. It was in use until the middle of the 19th Century.




For sport enthusiasts


The sailing school and watersports club in Barneville-Carteret offer many activities, whatever your level: dinghy, catamaran, windsurfing etc.


The frescoes of Canville


In 1982, when the whitewash was removed from the walls of the chapel in Canville-la-Rocque, 16th Century frescoes were revealed. They depict the story of three German pilgrims on the road to Santiago de Compostela.


A windmill in Fierville-les-Mines


On the hills of Fierville, a windmill is still in action. Renovated in 1997, it is in perfect working order. Wheat, buckwheat and spelt are grinded here. The mill is open to visitors and is the scene for different events (the harvest festival for example). The miller’s house has been converted into an inn, where you can enjoy lunch.




Built along a natural harbour, Portbail – nicknamed the “Smile of Cotentin” - is a very picturesque village. Former port of call on the ancient trade route for pewter, Portbail has seen commercial vessels make way for yachts.  It has kept its charming atmosphere with its pretty village streets, two churches, the bridge with its 13 arches, and hexagonal Gallo-Roman baptistery…