Atelier Création Abat-jour Un bruit qui court

Atelier Création Abat-jour Un bruit qui court

Artisan producers

Come and discover a wide range of lamps and lampshades created in my workshop.
Their originality? A lot to do with recovery!
To design my creations, I collect old objects and textiles that sleep in everyone's cupboards, attics and cellars. From pottery to candlestick, from old kerosene lamp to pillow cases, towels and embroidered sheets… All those objects filled with memories are turned into lamps and lampshades : “in a way I pay tribute to our ancestors who left all these treasures ... ”.
In my workshop, I explain the different stages of the work: washing, bleaching yellowed fabrics, ironing and cutting embroidery ...
"Through my creations, I try to promote the work of our ancestors who spent a lot of time on their works and who often, let us not forget, became embroiderers out of necessity ! "
During the visit, you can also discover personalized pieces such as lampshades with portraits of children, old families’ photos and lampshades made with contemporary fabrics too !

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  • French
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13 Bd du Luxembourg


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From 01/01/2022 till 31/12/2022

From 01/01/2023 till 31/12/2023


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