The Cotentin and Bessin Marshlands

Marshes and polders fit harmoniously into a traditional boscage landscape.


Meadows, grazed or mowed, are criss-crossed with ditches and dotted with peat bogs; these have been created in the wetland that stretches out to the sea, to the east and to the west. The marshlands are inhabited by characteristic flora and fauna; the landscapes here have two faces, changing with the seasons.

La Maison du Parc

The best way to understand this particular environment is to visit “la Maison du Parc”. Here, nearly 500 m² of themed areas enable you to go on a fun sensorial tour of the wetland (exhibition, film about the seasons, panoramic view-point, boutique, lounge...).
Outside, look-outs have been built on the edge of a lake, in a sensitive natural area of about a hundred hectares. From there, on your own or with a nature guide, you can observe birds in their natural environment.

Holiday Normandy


Weekend Normandy


Holiday NormandyIn winter,

on the horizon, sky and water merge: flooded marshes are said to be "white", and almost seem to turn the Cotentin peninsula into an island.

In the spring,

rivers return to their beds. In the vast prairies, fish give way to cows, horses and birds.